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Business in France


On the fast track in France

Any commuter could regale you about the trials and tribulations of traveling for work. As of July 2017, however, those traveling between Paris and Bordeaux have fewer complaints. In the summer, LISEA SAS opened the tracks for the operation of high-speed trains on the brand-new route connecting the French capital to the major wine metropolis. Six years in the making, the project, once Europe’s largest construction site, means a boost for the flourishing southwestern French town without losing sight of environmental factors.


Bringing patients the miracle of life

Since the first successful organ transplant was carried out in 1954, many thousands of patients have received new organs and a new lease of life. Now as then, the process by which these life-saving operations can take place is a complex one, with time remaining a critical factor in their success. That is why organs and surgical teams often make the journey to patients by the fastest means possible, which for long distances is by plane. Charter plane operator Oyonnair SAS is approved for medical evacuation flights and organ transports and is proud of its role as a mercy bringer.


Networking in the pipeline

Founded in the 1960s, the Mediterranean-Rhône pipeline company, known as SPMR, operates a network of pipelines backed by refineries and import depots on the Mediterranean coast and by the Lyon-Feyzin refinery. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it provides road and aviation fuel and heating fluids to the depots in the southeast of France and the region of Geneva through its connection to a Swiss pipeline, covering nearly 75% of the demand from these regions.


Setting new standards to lead

Saturated European markets, such as professional-use paint, are ripe for ‘disruptors’ to make an impact. French firm COMUS is one such disruptor, hiring Director Jean-Christophe Sueres in January of last year to lead the firm to growth in France and abroad. Nearly a year later, the firm is reshaping the paint industry by setting new standards and market entry points.


The second phase of a winning start-up

Disrupting well-established markets, such as healthcare, often requires pioneering for innovative technologies. That is exactly what Echosens has done with FibroScan®, its flagship liver health product. Developed from the PHD research of founder Laurent Sandrin, Echosens non-invasive diagnostics and monitoring technology has radically improved and simplified the diagnosis of liver health. But how is a successful start-up leveraging its growth beyond its revolutionary flagship product? For new CEO Sven Henrichwark, the key has been taking a fresh look at why the firm has flourished, and what made it great in the first place.


They have the power

There are massive changes afoot in the energy market which are being driven by a range of factors. Through the proliferation of electrical power micro-generation plants in the form of household PV and small-scale agricultural biomass, the number of electricity producers has increased substantially. In France, they now number 400,000 individual producers. For French power distribution specialist, Enedis, this means a change in its role.

Le Fer à Cheval

Enjoy a luxury retreat with true Alpine hospitality

True, most guests to the Fer à Cheval come for a skiing holiday, combined with a visit to the French luxury resort of Megève. Thanks to its special character, the five-star hotel offers all the amenities you could wish for and is attracting a growing number of people throughout the year. The Fer á Cheval unites the best of both worlds: true Alpine hospitality with natural materials, and inobtrusive luxury in its splendid rooms, suites, restaurants and facilities.


Top of the class

Storage and filing are a part of any business or organization that has to be carefully maintained. In France, the go-to provider for filing and storage solutions, especially automated ones, is Electroclass SAS, based in Bussy-Saint-Georges in the Île-de-France region just east of Paris. With a young and dynamic team, a project with Microsoft in the pipeline and plans to expand its markets into new countries beyond the numerous countries in which it already operates, Electroclass is definitely a class to be reckoned with.


From computer game to a whole new universe

Almost every business owner claims to have a passion for his or her particular line of work. Sometimes, to the uninitiated, the reasons for this enthusiasm are perhaps hard to grasp. In the case of Ankama SAS, however, they are clear to even the most cynical observer. The highly creative French company is a developer of massive multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG), and its founders and staff alike share a passion for computer games that has led them to create one of the world’s most successful games and subsequently develop a whole universe of related multimedia products.


Halal and organic

Across Europe, demand for halal food is developing strongly. The European Union market for foods and beverages that comply with Islamic dietary principles, including permissible meat slaughtered in a ritual way, has an estimated annual growth of around 15%. This persistent trend is benefiting companies that meet the stringent quality requirements of this fast-evolving food market segment. One of the market leaders in France is Bibars SAS, which not only specializes in halal food but also in organic products.