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Business in France


Keep track

Long gone are the days when a watch told you nothing more than the time. Today’s watches are high-tech devices – especially when it comes to fitness trackers. Simply speaking, they measure motion, but in fact they are a must-have and the ultimate accessory for anyone who enjoys running and fitness. Polar is one of the most established GPS watch and heart rate monitor brands in the world. The Finnish company aims to help athletes understand, track and improve their sporting performance. Polar Electro France SAS is Polar’s French distribution company located in Cergy close to Paris.


Enabling the digital infrastructure

The digital transformation is spurring the installation of broadband fiber optic cables. This trend is not only benefiting businesses and consumers that rely on high-speed internet access but also suppliers of the necessary infrastructure, such as RISA SAS. Specialized in cable laying equipment, the French company is growing by 20% annually and evolving particularly fast abroad. “We have a niche product with very specific features, which gives us substantial opportunities in markets across Europe and beyond,” says Managing Director Martial Pautrat.


Bringing patients the miracle of life

Since the first successful organ transplant was carried out in 1954, many thousands of patients have received new organs and a new lease of life. Now as then, the process by which these life-saving operations can take place is a complex one, with time remaining a critical factor in their success. That is why organs and surgical teams often make the journey to patients by the fastest means possible, which for long distances is by plane. Charter plane operator Oyonnair SAS is approved for medical evacuation flights and organ transports and is proud of its role as a mercy bringer.


A balanced approach to air control

This summer’s heatwave has challenged air-conditioning and ventilation systems to the limit. The high temperatures outside have sent people scurrying for the nearest air-conditioned space for relief – usually a shopping center or public building. But commercial and industrial premises have been feeling the strain of keeping climatic conditions at a bearable level, too. Ventilation and air control specialist F2A in France knows all about keeping cool with products and services designed to regulate air flow and acoustics in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial interior spaces.


Perfecting the art of waste management

Waste disposal and recycling is probably one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. Most scientists agree that the survival of the planet depends on governments across the world taking extensive action in respect of pollution elimination, sustainability and the conservation of natural resources. A plethora of new legislation and an increase in social conscience has led large organizations and public sector authorities to take waste management and recycling extremely seriously. French engineering firm Ar-Val SAS is a specialist in the development of sorting, separation and recycling plants for materials of every genre.


Top of the class

Storage and filing are a part of any business or organization that has to be carefully maintained. In France, the go-to provider for filing and storage solutions, especially automated ones, is Electroclass SAS, based in Bussy-Saint-Georges in the Île-de-France region just east of Paris. With a young and dynamic team, a project with Microsoft in the pipeline and plans to expand its markets into new countries beyond the numerous countries in which it already operates, Electroclass is definitely a class to be reckoned with.


Maintaining the edge in gasket manufacturing

A maintenance company that also manufactures its own spare parts: An interesting concept and one which has catapulted French company MCD SAS to the forefront of its market. The firm is a specialist in the maintenance of plate heat exchangers, and also produces an extensive range of gaskets in many shapes, sizes and materials, ensuring it has the perfect sealing solution for its clients’ equipment, irrespective of which brand of plate heat exchanger is installed.


Space race through a telescope

Since the first tentative missions in the 1960s, scientists have been continuously pushing the boundaries of space exploration to maximize the opportunities and possibilities it offers. These advances have only been possible because of suppliers to the space and scientific world, who have kept pace with the developments and supply the essential, innovative components required to implement the latest projects – companies such as THALES SESO SAS. The French firm, based in Aix-en-Provence, has over 50 years’ experience in the high-end optics used in the space sector as well as a number of other high-tech industries.


High performance, low power

Its products are found in low-orbit satellites and deep-space mission equipment, as well as in life vests and luxury watches: Syrlinks SAS is one of the most recognized providers of radio communication and geolocation solutions. The successful, medium-sized enterprise supplies a wide diversity of application markets, always with the same promise, though: the highest performance and reliability, low power consumption, compact design and outstanding value for money.


Mail order the French way

Despite all the grim, Cassandra-like predictions about a dire future for mail ordering against the backdrop of increasing online sales, this special and traditional sales channel is still going as strong as ever. In France, one name in particular has been driving mail order business to new heights. Financière Trésor du Patrimoine SAS is a holding with a number of companies that focus exclusively on mail ordering and online trading, thereby offering a vast range of segments which include objets d’art, historical artefacts, coins and jewellery as well as women’s clothing, menswear, food and wine.