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Business in Hungary

Interview with István Tóth, Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft.

Home is where the hearth is

There is something primeval and comforting about a real fire that means people continue to install wood-burning stoves in their homes, even though their heating needs are now more likely covered by a central heating system. Stoves are now regarded as a decorative add-on rather than a primary heat source and this change in perception presents stove manufacturers with new challenges. Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft., István Tóth, talks about why, at 72, he is still happy to go to work.


Electrifying the market

Locked away behind the Iron Curtain, Eastern Europe was not only cut off from the rest of the world culturally but also technologically. In so many key progress parameters, such as production efficiency, quality standards and technical advances, the countries of the old Eastern Europe lagged far behind their Western European counterparts. However, companies like VIVBER Kft. in Hungary have worked hard to close the technology gap. Today, they are able to operate according to EU standards and compete successfully in a reunited Europe thanks to their lower cost structures.

Interview with Attila Bánhidi, Managing Director of Fornetti Kft.

Big ideas on baking bread

The times of just buying bread and rolls at the local baker’s store are long gone. The past decade has seen the rise of in-store bakery counters which offer freshly baked bread, savoury pastries and snacks, bread, Danish pastries, buns and other specialities. Fornetti Kft. in Hungary is the leading name in in-store baking. With more than 5,000 sales points throughout Europe, the company has established a successful retail and franchise network that has gone from strength to strength. Managing Director Attila Bánhidi knows all about the world of baking the Fornetti way.

Interview with Zoltán Sólyom, CEO of ZOLEND Kft

Engineered for growth

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely undertaking without someone to share the stresses and pressures of building up a successful business. For childhood friends Zoltán Sólyom and Endre Zsigmond, the ability to share the decisions and management burden has allowed them to take the company they started in a garage in 2009 and build it into a thriving machine-building business with 160 employees and annual turnover of eight million EUR. European Business spoke to CEO Zoltán Sólyom about what motivates him to strive for even greater success.

Interview with Zsolt Gyulay, President and CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt.

In sport like in your career: endurance and humility yield success

Zsolt Gyulay knows success – and that in very different forms. During the 1980s and 1990s, the Hungarian was one of the most successful athletes in his country in kayaking, competing in three Olympic Games. Today the 53-year-old is President and Managing Director of Hungaroring Sport Zrt, which organizes the Formula One Grand Prix of Hungary. European Business spoke with him about success, pride and the importance of road safety education.


The solution is electronic

Thanks to the digital transformation, audio and video cassettes have gone the way of the dinosaur and other physical storage media seem headed in the same direction. Film and television can now be streamed on demand and all the music anyone could ever want to hear can be stored or accessed on a mobile phone. However, that is not the final word for storage technology. Hungarian company Tommy Invest Kft. makes magnetic card heads for Swedish electronics giant Philips and has seen no reduction in orders; far from it.


Communicating with minds and hands

Successful companies know that a strong brand is essential: Potential customers instantly recognize the name and, more importantly, know exactly what it stands for. Since relevant marketing plays a key role in communicating a brand, expert support can be hugely advantageous. BÉFLEX Zrt. in Hungary is a specialist in point-of-communication marketing. The firm works closely with its clients to design innovative concepts and then creates state-of-the-art point-of-communication materials using the latest technology. European Business spoke with the Managing Director of the family enterprise, László Bárán.


Facing challenges in the shipping industry

The Danube is the longest river in Hungary and flows through the entire country. With the opening of the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal in 1992, more and more ships from Germany and the Netherlands came to pass the Danube, and the Hungarian ocean and inland shipping companies have faced increasing competition ever since. Trafalger Kft., based in Budapest, has been operating in the competitive market since 1994 and found a way to win customers, convincing them with flexibility, reliability and the ability to adapt its services to the requirements of the market.


Entertainment is in the stars

One of the most popular hobbies today is watching television. A plethora of channels on digital, cable and satellite offer everything the heart desires: cooking programs, reality TV, hard-hitting documentaries, comedies and much more. Though Hollywood is the number-one address for TV programming, it is not the only one. TeleMedia Első Magyar Telemarketing Szolgálat Kft., located in Budapest, proves that shows do not have to come from California, and thanks to its astrology programs, more entertainment is in the stars.


A true multi-talent

The scope of activities is simply overwhelming, as is the number of 5,000 employees in Hungary and beyond. It is hard to describe in a simple phrase what Jász-Plasztik Ltd., headquartered in Jászberény, stands for. As Jászberény is well known as the center of the injection moulding industry in Hungary, it does not come as a surprise that Jász-Plasztik is primarily concerned with plastic processing. Likewise, the Hungarian company is involved in toolmaking and battery production, making it the forerunner in certain industries.