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Business in Italy


Reliable connections

A train communication network is the infrastructure that enables the exchange of information throughout the train. Over time, the ethernet bus technology has gained more and more popularity and is increasingly used as an essential part of a train communication network as it provides larger bandwidth and more flexible networks. VDS Rail Srl is a much sought-after partner when it comes to reliable and innovative on-board networking ethernet devices.


Mozzarella – the mild-mannered superhero amongst cheeses

Soft, creamy and pleasantly acidic, mozzarella may not pack the pungency of a long-matured hard cheese like parmesan, but its versatility has made it a central ingredient in many classic Italian dishes. Its melting elasticity is integral to the texture of pizza while its creamy softness contrasts perfectly with the acidic bite of tomatoes in insalata caprese. The most prized mozzarella is DOP Mozzarella di Bufala Campana made from buffalo milk produced in the province of Latina. One of the biggest producers of buffalo mozzarella is Francia Latticini S.p.A., a family-owned company specializing in a wide range of dairy products, all of which are made with respect for tradition, the environment and social responsibility.


Secrets of a successful winery

A good wine does not have to cost a fortune; what really counts is quality. While with expensive wines this is a given, many wines in the middle price range are also of fantastic quality. Italian cooperative Cantina Aldeno Soc. Coop. Agricola produces wines in both segments, and irrespective of the price, the cooperative aims to constantly raise the quality of its wines and maintain its position among the market leaders.


Investing in tradition

The olive tree, Olea europaea, is an ancient plant of the Mediterranean with its symbolism rooted deeply in ancient Greek mythology and even before. Some olive trees still alive today have survived millennia. But beyond its mythical character, the olive tree is also an all-round talent when it comes to the use it has for us humans, one of them being the olives themselves. Italian company Granata Antonio & c. Srl combines old tradition with modern technology, processing olives and delivering typical Mediterranean flair to our tables.


Genuine Genoese focaccia, just like home-made

Flour, water, oil, yeast and salt – simple ingredients, so it seems. If the quality of these ingredients is good, in the hands of a skillful baker the outcome can be amazing. Panificio Pasticceria Tossini 1 S.p.A., headquartered in Recco, Italy, is synonymous with just such outstanding results. The company combines artisan production with the most modern conservation techniques to maintain the genuine freshness of its focaccia.


Platforms perfected with experience

When it comes to designing new tools, no one is in a better position to know what is really needed than someone who has actually been a hands-on exponent. This was the starting point for Pierino Bravi’s successful manufacturing firm BRAVIISOL D.M. S.R.L. Mr. Bravi spent over 20 years installing thermal and acoustic insulation, and understood the challenges of accessing high and hard-to-reach areas in comfort and safety. He started building mobile work platforms for his own use, before turning these into a commercial venture. Today, his platforms are in demand by customers across the world.


Unity and diversity: a route to success in metalwork

The secret of a successful company is its people: A cliché that is often used to support a somewhat glib corporate value, but is in many cases a concept that is not reflected in the way firms support and recognize their employees’ commitment and skills. Sometimes though, the cliché actually matches the reality. Together with his team, Taha Omri, founder and owner of Italian industrial metalworking company Omi-Fer S.r.l., has built a diverse organization that genuinely understands the value of its employees, and whose success is down to the dedication of the Omi-Fer ‘family’.


The minerals we want in the liquid we need

Water is the basis of everything we are. High water quality can mean the difference in attitude, mood, and energy. In an age when much of what we have is taken for granted, it is often easy to forget about the importance of natural water. ALB S.p.A. understands this and works hard to bring the finest mineral water from mountains to mouth. Taken from the peaks of Monti di Deu in Tempio Pausania, on the Italian island of Sardinia, Smeraldina water reaches countries all around the world. With more than 80 million bottles sold annually, it is easy to see the quality evident in the Smeraldina brand name.


A premium plastics partner

A company that has been growing steadily over decades, in a fiercely competitive market such as the plastics industry and even in times of economic crisis, is hard to find. However, it exists. Poplast Srl in Castel San Giovanni is a flexible-plastic packaging manufacturer that constantly grows in terms of products, revenues, markets and technologies. The key driving force? A passion for plastics innovation. The mission? To bring innovation to the whole plastics sector.


Top-performing building as a service

A building is no longer just a building. As in almost every aspect of life, construction has become a highly complex theme; digitalization in particular is offering exciting new possibilities, and expectations in respect of safety, comfort, productivity and environmental considerations are constantly increasing. As a result, the role of the specialist building engineer has grown, as architects and construction companies depend on their knowledge and expertise in all aspects of energy efficiency and future use readiness. Deerns Italia S.p.A. is one of the subsidiaries of the Dutch Group Deerns, which brings to life innovative building services solutions for complex projects around the world.