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Business in Italy


Reliable connections

A train communication network is the infrastructure that enables the exchange of information throughout the train. Over time, the ethernet bus technology has gained more and more popularity and is increasingly used as an essential part of a train communication network as it provides larger bandwidth and more flexible networks. VDS Rail Srl is a much sought-after partner when it comes to reliable and innovative on-board networking ethernet devices.


Mozzarella – the mild-mannered superhero amongst cheeses

Soft, creamy and pleasantly acidic, mozzarella may not pack the pungency of a long-matured hard cheese like parmesan, but its versatility has made it a central ingredient in many classic Italian dishes. Its melting elasticity is integral to the texture of pizza while its creamy softness contrasts perfectly with the acidic bite of tomatoes in insalata caprese. The most prized mozzarella is DOP Mozzarella di Bufala Campana made from buffalo milk produced in the province of Latina. One of the biggest producers of buffalo mozzarella is Francia Latticini S.p.A., a family-owned company specializing in a wide range of dairy products, all of which are made with respect for tradition, the environment and social responsibility.


Unity and diversity: a route to success in metalwork

The secret of a successful company is its people: A cliché that is often used to support a somewhat glib corporate value, but is in many cases a concept that is not reflected in the way firms support and recognize their employees’ commitment and skills. Sometimes though, the cliché actually matches the reality. Together with his team, Taha Omri, founder and owner of Italian industrial metalworking company Omi-Fer S.r.l., has built a diverse organization that genuinely understands the value of its employees, and whose success is down to the dedication of the Omi-Fer ‘family’.


Castings that simply stand out

The Italian foundry industry is facing great challenges. Competition in the European market is expected to intensify due to increasing pressure from Far East manufacturers. However, since manufacturing technologies made in Italy guarantee top quality castings, and Italian companies do not consider themselves as pure suppliers but as cooperative and supportive partners, firms such as Fonderie Mora Gavardo Spa still achieve good results. The company is synonymous with 70 years of know-how and exceptional innovation.


Comfort and safety rolled into one

Individuals that work in the agriculture and public service industries help put food on the table, keep the streets clean and a variety of other behind-the-scenes jobs. Eurocab Torino s.r.l works to keep these individuals safe as they help make everyone’s life better.


Aluminium, pans and more

Italy is famous for its culinary traditions. It therefore comes as no surprise that one of the most prominent international companies for equipment to produce these delicious foods – namely professional frying pans – is also found here. Agnelli Industries Group – Agnelli Metalli S.p.a. based in Bergamo is an ISO-certified group of companies with more than 100 years of experience and know-how in metal processing in general and pans in particular. Run by the fourth generation, this family-owned company offers both great flexibility and a close connection to its customers.


360° cleaning – and more

Cleaning services include floors, windows and everything in between – plus a lot more. Gruppo Clean Service Srl in Osio Sotto is a specialist when it comes to reliable cleaning services. The company offers tailor-made solutions for the most diverse needs, regardless whether for a small office building or a spacious warehouse. Understanding customer needs is always the starting point for Gruppo Clean Service. The company has already gained an excellent reputation and is now ready to face new challenges.


Exporting expertise

The renewable energies sector is one of the most dynamically evolving markets worldwide. Double-digit growth rates are the rule rather than the exception. This is also true for Elettrostudio Energia SpA. The Italian company constructs and manages wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass power plants all over the country and is now aiming to use its technical expertise and project management know-how to develop other European markets, too.


Keeping your kitchen fresh

First of all, your range hood has to keep your kitchen free from vapours, smoke and smell. The device also has to integrate smoothly into your kitchen furniture and overall interior design concept. As a result, the manufacturers of modern range hoods have to unite technologies and design. Best S.p.A., based in Cereto d’Esi, Italy, is a leading producer of range hoods worldwide. Innovative strength and an unmistakable intuition for design make the company “best” in class in its field – as the name promises.


Services that stand out

Due to the country’s ongoing economic crisis, market conditions are harsh in Italy. Cambielli Edilfriuli S.p.A. successfully faces these challenging market conditions. Against all odds, the company has grown continuously over recent years to become Italy’s number 1 for plumbing and heating systems. Expertise, professionalism and added value for customers set Cambielli Edilfriuli apart from the market.