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Expert Knowledge

Expert Knowledge Alan Willett

The Brewing Anti-Agile Executive Rebellion - Part 1

Have you ever heard about the "Agile Revolution"? Leadership expert and author Alan Willett reveals a real story about a company starting an Agile Transformation that is now questioned.

Expert Knowledge Geraldine MacCarthy

Wellbeing at work – keeping the conversation going

I was lucky enough to attend an event in Paris hosted by the women’s alumnae of two of France’s leading business schools, HEC and emlyon. It was so inspiring to hear from a group of such driven and intelligent women about a topic that is very close to my heart: wellbeing at work. We spend a third of our lives at work, and if we don’t look after ourselves and each other during that considerable chunk of time, the effects on your mental and physical health can be huge.

Expert Knowledge Rebecca McFarland

How to prepare for psychometric testing

Psychometric testing is becoming more and more popular as part of recruitment processes, due to the fact that it is an objective measurement. Employers are gaining awareness about unconscious bias in recruitment processes and as a result, are looking for more objective methods to assess potential employees. But what does this mean for applicants? In this article we will explore what psychometric testing is and what you need to know when you’re involved in a recruitment process that involves psychometric testing.

Expert knowledge from Corina Denov, Digital Marketing Consultant and Career Advisor

Things you need to do in your first week at a new job

You’ve gone through a stressful recruitment process, attended several job interviews and finally, you have received a job offer that you happily accepted. Well done! While it’s exciting to start a new job, you need to keep in mind that during your first few weeks all eyes will be on you. The screening process does not end once you accept the job offer. That’s why it is crucial to be aware of everything that you are doing during your first week at a new job.

Expert Knowledge Alan Willett

4 Things you must ask of your development teams

As a leader you often plan to implement new features in your company. But for achieving the plan you need a team that is willing to work on that project. This development team needs complete support from the leader or manager so that the objective can be achieved. Leadership expert Alan Willett explains how this can be done and which 4 things every leader must ask.

5 Smart Tips to Help You Better Manage Your Schedule

It’s no surprise work schedules can be complex and overcrowded. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps right now to better manage your time. Does this mean managing your schedule has to be a long and drawn-out process? Not in the least. The key is learning how to thoughtfully evaluate your schedule and take solid, practical actions that setup your future self, and schedule, for success.

3 Ideas to Help You Decide on Your Career Path

Whether you’ve left school, graduated from university or you’re looking for a career change, choosing a career path can be incredibly daunting. You may also be experiencing external pressure from your loved ones, who have their own ideas about what you should do with your career. Unfortunately, succumbing to this external pressure often means that we don’t trust our own intuition, interests and strengths, which can lead to a very unfulfilling career. Let’s explore three ideas to help you decide which career path to pursue.

Let’s be CLEAR…… this will save you time

It’s that holy grail of efficiency and effectiveness. Time Management. We would all like more time. Time to dedicate to those knotty professional issues that really matter. Time to spend getting to know our teams and to helping them grow. Time for ourselves and our families that makes all the hours we put in at the sharp end absolutely worth it.

5 Time Management Tips for a More Productive Day

Being productive at work isn’t just about using the best systems and tools for your needs. It’s also about making the most of your time during the day. It may sound hard to believe, but when you take time out of your day to properly manage your time, you’ll be better prepared to tackle your schedule and workload. In fact, learning how to effectively manage your time can enhance your ability to get things done at the office, home, and beyond. Here are five tips to help you better manage your time during the workday:

Co-Work or No Work - Is Co-Working effective?

With workplace and office solutions becoming an increasingly diverse and fragmented marketplace, Co-working has steadily risen to become one of the biggest phenomena in the working landscape. With many providers such as The Office Group continuing to grow at fast rates, co-working spaces are becoming ever-frequent destinations to work at.