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Ten tipps for better time management

European Business Listicle 1/2017

We all know how, both at work and in our private lives, the to-dos stack up and there is simply no end in sight. No doubt you regularly ask yourself where the time has gone and why you just can’t seem to get through your to-do list. We have put together ten top tips for you, which will help you to get your time and tasks back under control.

1. Establish goals and prioritize

At the beginning of each day, decide what your goals are, and what tasks you need to complete to achieve them. List them in order of importance.

2. Do difficult jobs in the morning

Undertake the difficult jobs first. The relief that they are finished will clear your head, and you will develop more zest for the rest of the day.

3. Split large jobs into smaller sections

A task seems impossible and, as a result, you constantly put it off? Split it into smaller, achievable sections, and you will procrastinate less.

4. Say ‘no’

If you don’t have time to talk to others or to take on something else to do, then be honest. Only those who can say ‘no’ are able to concentrate on their own work.

5. Delegate

You can’t, and don’t have to manage everything on your own. Delegate tasks, or parts of tasks, to others and let them help you.

6. Avoid multi-tasking

Trying to do several things at the same time is not easy and leads to mistakes. Concentrate on one job at a time, and work on your to-dos one after the other.

7. Group similar jobs together

Try to do e-mails, telephone calls and other similar things in one go. Instead of working on a few mails in between other tasks, work on them one after the other and then move on to something new.

8. You don’t have to be perfect

Don’t get hung up on the small details; concentrate on the bigger picture.

9. Create a comfortable Environment

A messy workspace is an absolute motivation killer. Make sure that it is pleasant to sit at your desk, and working there will seem much easier.

10. Take a break

Breaks help your body to generate enough strength to deal with upcoming work. So take regular breaks and start again fully re-energized.

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