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0013_10 thoughts that help to create success

10 thoughts that help to create success

European Business Listicle 11/2018

If you want to be successful, you need to have a positive attitude; this can give you the energy to master life’s daily challenges. Positive thought increases the likelihood of your own success. We have summarized which 10 thoughts will ensure you are on the right track.

1. Self-reflection: “What do I find easy? What do I find difficult?”

Self-reflection can often make work easier. This doesn’t mean questioning what you should and shouldn’t do for hours on end. The aim is to learn more about yourself. What are my strengths? What else could I work on? You need to know what causes your own stress, for example, before you can react and do something about it.

2. The ability to say no when necessary: “That isn’t necessary right now.”

You don’t always have to take everything on and be everywhere. In many situations, it’s fine to simply say “no”, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. This includes discipline and setting the right priorities.

3. Learn from mistakes: “What can I do better next time?”

Mistakes are normal and completely human. The key is to learn from them. Instead of panicking, it’s better to remain calm and analyze the situation. What went wrong, and how can it be avoided or improved next time? This way, you don’t just learn, but you are better prepared for the future.

4. Realistic goals and plans: “One thing at a time.”

Your own demands and reality should not be too far apart. Dreaming is allowed, but goals shouldn’t be set too high and implementation plans should always be kept in mind. It often helps to set specific interim sub-goals.

5. Keep calm: “Take a deep breath. What’s going on?”

Even in stressful situations, it is more practical to keep calm. It’s often helpful to breathe deeply and take a step back. Ask yourself: “What is causing the stress, and how can I work on the situation step by step?”

6.  Look to the future with optimism: “Whatever happens, life goes on.”

Getting obsessed with a problem has never helped anyone. There is virtually no problem that can’t be solved. In such a situation, try to focus on the positives. If you don’t know what to do, communicate that openly and honestly.

7. Live in the here and now: “Today I’m going to tackle it”

“If only I had done it differently” – if you want to be successful, you shouldn’t dwell on the past. Your focus should be on the present and the future; these are the only things you can influence.

8. Self-determination: “It’s in my own hands.”

If you notice that negative thoughts always revolve around the same things or people, you should take action and solve the problem. Being successful often means taking courageous decisions.

9. The ability to switch off: “I’m allowed to relax now.”

Anyone who only ever thinks about work is at risk of burnout! Relaxing properly is just as important as concentrating on your work. In your lunch break, for example, you should think about something that is a complete contrast to your work tasks.

10. Don’t constantly compare yourself with others: “I don’t care what others have.”

Higher, better, further, faster. There will always be friends who earn more than you, have to work less than you, and can go on holiday more often than you. It can be frustrating to compare negatively with others, so don’t do it. Concentrate instead on the great things that you do have.

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