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The 7 worst time killers

The 7 worst time killers

European Business Listicle 01/2019

Are you constantly faced with a list of unfinished projects? Is there no end in sight? There are certain time killers that are always sneaking their way into our everyday lives! We’ve spotted the 7 biggest time killers so that you can eliminate them in the future.

1. That little word ‘yes’

It is often hard to say ‘no’ to your coworkers or others around you when they ask for help. Each time, ask yourself this question: Are your current duties, for which you are responsible, less important? In most cases, the answer is NO. Finish YOUR work or projects that are important to you first. Then you can focus your attention on other things.

2. Interruptions

Your cell phone rings, and you answer it right away? Your colleague has a question, and you immediately take time for him? You’re letting yourself get distracted too easily by your surroundings. With each distraction, you need to find your way back into your work. Try to ignore distractions as long as you’re working on your task.

3. Disarray (on your desk)

Chaos can disrupt your work processes considerably and rob you of time. Looking for a very important file for a long time, for instance, can cause an enormous amount of stress. If you have a certain system for keeping order, you’ll also get a clear head. Try to let order prevail wherever you want to be productive.

4. Perfectionism

How often do you take too much time for a project so that it’s perfect? It’s because you’re dealing with unimportant details. It doesn’t have to be that way: Finish your job when you notice that you’re just dealing with unnecessary details.

5. No delegation

You’re not actually the right person for every job. Instead of spending your time reading up on or researching a certain activity, look around to see if there might someone else who could do the job more quickly and easily. In return, of course, you shouldn’t turn down even small favours for this person. (But make sure that you don’t overdo it with saying ‘yes’!)

6. Lack of motivation

Easier said than done: Stay motivated. The fact is that a lack of motivation can seriously hold back your progress in your work. Concentrate on your goal and believe in your success. Visualize the moment when you are finished with your unpleasant work. That’s how you’ll stay on track.

7. Misunderstandings

When you write a message, be precise and clear in your statements. Otherwise, not only your coworkers but perhaps you yourself will have to correct the results and do twice the work.

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