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14 tips to get you moving more at work

Moving about sufficiently while at work is vital for health and wellbeing. It has a positive effect on, for example, your ability to concentrate, your immune system, your metabolism and your circulation. These are more than enough reasons to move more during the working day, particularly if you usually spend most of it sitting down. We have collected some ideas to get you moving about at work.

9 reasons for a salary increase

Do you have the feeling that your work is worth more and that you should be asking for more financial recognition? We have put together some possible reasons and arguments for a salary increase, with which you can convince your manager.

8 reasons why you should take the time to be lazy

Laziness as a character trait is generally looked down upon, which is why we tend to feel guilty when we take time off and use it just to be lazy. But being lazy is important. We have drawn up a list of reasons why you should take the time to put your feet up a little more often.

8 office sayings, and what they really mean

At work, we often speak a completely different language to the one we use in our private lives. There are sayings that we all use or hear, sometimes without knowing what is really being said. We have collated a few classic ones, together with their meanings. Which ones do you use?

The 7 most common mistakes in job applications

If you are looking for a new job, you cannot avoid a comprehensive application, including cover letter and resume. In order to convince the recruiter, your application documents should be absolutely free from mistakes. We have identified the seven most common errors in job applications and explain how you can avoid them.

0014_You are what you wear – the right outfits for every business dress-code

You are what you wear – the right outfits for every business dress-code

5 tips for correctly handling errors

Mistakes are human, they happen to everyone and cannot always be avoided. To accept mistakes is not easy. Do not cover them up, be open about your mistakes. We have prepared 5 tips on the right way to handle errors.

8 evening rituals for a better work-life balance

Evening rituals are as important as a morning routine. They help to complete the day and to sustainably improve your sleep. If you want to improve your work-life balance, you should definitely try some evening rituals. We have put together 8 ideas.

9 early warning signs that you may be heading for a burnout and what you can do about them

More and more people are suffering from burnout syndrome, or uncontrollable emotional, mental and physical breakdown, some of them without even knowing it. We have put together a list of common early burnout symptoms and indicators and what steps to take if you think you are already at risk.

7 strategies for overcoming phone phobia

Some people have a deep-seated fear of making telephone calls. The thought alone is enough to fill them with anxiety and dread. Of course, communicating by email or via social networks is much easier, but telephone conversations are a necessity in most jobs. We have put together 7 strategies that will help you overcome your phone phobia: