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Successful co-operation between BELIMO Automation AG and OJ Electronics A/S

Successful co-operation between BELIMO Automation AG and OJ Electronics A/S

For a long time, the market has demanded complete solutions for cost-effective mounting, troubleshooting, commissioning and maintenance of Air Handling Units. With the OJ-Air2 concept, OJ Electronics has an attractive solution, where the components within the Air Handling Unit communicate with each other via Modbus.

Today, many AHU manufacturers recognize the benefits of Field Devices such as EC fans, frequency converters, pressure transmitters and rotary exchangers, which quick and easy can be clicked together with Modbus cables.

When OJ Electronics launched OJ-Air2FanIO with a unique combination of pressure transmitters and analogue/digital in- and output, the wiring within the Air Handling Unit became easy. A complex cable with 37 conductors could suddenly be replaced by a simple 6 wire MPFK6S cable, which quick and easy is clicked in an RJ12 socket. Typically, installation time can be reduced by two third with QUICK PLUG MODBUS. But one important piece was still missing: To handle all Field Devices in an Air Handling Unit just as effectively.

A close co-operation between BELIMO and OJ Electronics has successfully resulted in the development of an innovative solution, where all dampers and control valves are fully integrated in the OJ-Air2 system. Belimo has developed damper actuators and actuators for control valves with direct Modbus. The components can be supplied with an RJ12 socket, which fits directly into the QUICK PLUG MODBUS from OJ Electronics. In short, the actuators are OJ-Air2 Compatible.

For further information about Belimo direct Modbus, please contact Belimo. The co-operation between Belimo and OJ Electronics gives our customers an even better solution, and significant advantages on the market. OJ Electronics will continue to seek co-operation with competent component suppliers in the AHU industry.

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