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Game changer


“We are primarily interested in transforming advice into real impact for our clients by changing the way we change. And by doing so, we are on a mission of changing the consulting industry from within”, says Niels Ahrengot, Managing Partner of Implement Consulting Group. W

With 400 employees in four countries, Implement is a limited private corporation bringing in revenues of 85 million EUR annually. For Implement, moving forward is not about chasing change but about embracing it and thus enable people and organizations to thrive on change to seize the opportunities it brings.

“We see ourselves as nerds, and if you equip a nerd with organizational expertise, you will see magic happen”, Mr. Ahrengot says.

As the company looks to develop new areas of expertise, Implement is confident its work will only become more interesting and its markets more diverse.

“We have only just begun our journey towards the kind of consulting where we as consultants take full responsibility of creating the desired impact, the kind of consulting we call collaborative consulting.”

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