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Transforming Technology to Products


Specializing in innovation and design, mobile services, embedded solutions and customized integrated solutions, Mjølner Informatics A/S delivers everything from consultancy services to 360º solutions.

“Our aim is to provide the best business value for our customers,” says CEO Jørgen Lindskov Knudsen, who cofounded Mjølner Informatics A/S back in 1988. “Our highly qualified staff and our well-proven flexibility contribute to the successful realization of this aim. Our close cooperation with customers supports long-lasting partnerships.”

Innovative achievements have highlighted the history of Mjølner Informatics all along. Originally researchbased, the company strengthened its commercial orientation after the first few years and succeeded in gaining a solid customer base.

The introduction of iPhone technology has even increased its focus on product-oriented innovation. Today Mjølner Informatics is a strong partner in meeting current user needs and helps its clients to stay one step ahead of competitors.

“We have created a platform for designing smartphone-like interfaces on totally different devices,” Mr. Knudsen points out. “We are very aware of the important move towards simplicity. Developers know that devices must be well designed and meet functionality.”

Mjølner Informatics covers everything from general desktop applications to platform-specific technologies like Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The company’s latest product, TouchGFX, enables the development of low-power devices with high-end graphics. It provides industrial clients with the opportunity to develop touch-based graphical user interfaces that are fully in line with today’s smartphone standards.

Customizable applications ensure that the corporate identity of a company or product is present and consistent throughout the interface. As IT is moving into business, Mjølner Informatics is strengthening its focus accordingly.

“IT is no longer just a supporting factor, but a business-generating factor of corporate development,” Mr. Knudsen adds. “We deliver competencies and results that change a business-supporting element to a business-creating factor.”

Having concentrated on the domestic market so far, Mjølner Informatics has a staff of 75 at present and an annual turnover of 65 million DKK, equivalent to nine million EUR. The new product TouchGFX brings new possibilities in international business to the table and cements Mjølner Informatics’ ability to drive product-oriented innovation in the framework of complete and holistic solutions.

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