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Software QA finds its niche


Founded in 2005 by CEO Allan Tange, the consultancy firm specializes in complete solutions for software testing and QA through three business fields. Consultancy is the largest area, where the company’s 70 employees, based in Ballerup and Aarhus, help clients to find optimal IT solutions, either through cooperation with commercial vendors or open source software.

The company also provides a wide range of training courses for QA professionals. The third business area creates the technology and innovation, supplying clients with effective development strategies for a more efficient and profitable business.

“One of the main factors is to integrate IT operations and business development, so-called DevOp” notes Mr. Tange. “Companies today make very specific and stringent demands on IT suppliers in contrast to the past when the IT world drove what was provided.”

TestHuset supports many top 250 companies in Denmark, who depend on effective and reliable IT to deliver quality solutions to their clients.

What makes TestHuset unique is its specialization in testing and QA. “We are the only company in Denmark focusing exclusively on this niche,” says Mr. Tange. “For this reason, generalist IT companies often seek us as a partner as they know that our knowledge and expertise in this area is our strength. As software has become more complex, the demand for QA has grown. We work very hard to stay close to the market and our customers so we can attune to their needs.”

Selecting the right staff with the right competences is critical to TestHuset’s ongoing success. “To work in QA, you really have to understand what it is,” concludes Mr. Tange. “We recognize that it is about much more than just having a good program.”

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