Information & Communication Technology

ETS-Lindgren Oy

An energetic business
Energy can take many different forms: electromagnetic, magnetic, acoustic and others. In order to ensure a constant flow and absolute safety, you have to be able to detect, measure, shield and control this energy. ETS-Lindgren based in Eura, Finland, is a leading solution provider for the detection, measurement and management of electromagnetic, magnetic and acoustic energy. Continuously striving for innovative solutions, the company is a sought-after partner to global players such as Apple, Samsung and Intel. Now, ETS-Lindgren has set an ambitious goal: to become the global market leader in its field.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

PLT energia SpA

Wind works
Fostering the use of renewable energies is a key target of the EU’s long-term policies. Its directive sets the aim of 20% of final energy consumption from renewable sources by 2020. These are the perfect conditions for companies such as PLT energia SpA in Cesena. In recent years, the Italian company has invested significantly in renewable energies and in wind parks in particular.

Energy & Environmental Engineering

VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG

An alternative to fossil fuels
Oil prices have fallen, and the sale of gas-guzzling SUVs is on the rise again – at least it is in America, where fracking has boosted domestic oil production and reduced its dependence on foreign imports for the time being. The picture in Europe looks somewhat different, and while drivers are happy to be paying less at the pump, they are still being cautious – as well they should. In order to ensure long-term fuel independence and reduce CO2 emissions, an alternative to oil has to be found. VERBIO Vereinigte BioEnergie AG has the answer.

European Business


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