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IT solutions in professional quality

Professional support, maintenance, hosting and housekeeping are part of the full-service spectrum Systrade GmbH from Bad Homburg, Germany, offers for the entire IT life cycle. The former trading company has emerged as a full-service partner for all aspects from the development and realization of new solutions to the management of systems in use.


Dine like the Duke

There is a certain aura surrounding the Ellington Hotel. Based centrally within the German capital of Berlin, the hotel, situated in one of the most popular dance halls of the 1930s, simply oozes history and an air of excitement. Besides the four star private hotel, the historical building also hosts a restaurant in its own right and popular among Berliners, Restaurant DUKE. Named after the famous jazz musician Duke Ellington, both, Ellington Hotel and Restaurant DUKE are run by Nürnberger Straße Hotel-Betriebs-GmbH.


The hotel with a soul

It is all about the team – this certainly is the first impression when entering the BEST WESTERN PLUS Palatin Hotel und Tagungszentrum GmbH in Wiesloch in the Rhine-Neckar area. And, indeed, the four-star hotel knows about the impact of well-motivated and committed staff members when it comes to running a hotel and conference center successfully. Thus, Palatin Hotel, which is part of the BEST WESTERN hotel chain, focuses on the well-being of guests and staff alike.

Interview with Judith Borowski, Chief Branding Officer (CBO) at Nomos Glashütte

Making up for lost time

For centuries, the small German town of Glashütte, which is nestled in the mountains south of Dresden, has been producing some of the world’s most sought-after timepieces. Employing the same techniques of mechanical watchmaking that have been passed down through generations, Nomos Glashütte has reinvigorated the town’s beloved tradition. European Business sat down with the company’s CBO, Judith Borowski, to learn more about how Nomos applies local know-how to create its world-renowned watches.


Looking into the future

It is possible to predict the future – modern computing power allows predictive software applications to crunch the data and unlock the secrets of customer demand. The result is an invaluable advantage to companies in terms of digitized processes and automated decisions that streamline their business. One of the leading suppliers of artificial intelligence software and predictive applications is the German software engineering specialist Blue Yonder GmbH.


Top in transmission technology

A transmission or gearbox is a vital part in any motor vehicle as it transmits mechanical power and adapts the output of the engine to the drive wheels. Most transmissions have multiple gears, with the ability to switch between them as speed varies. This switching may be done manually, semi-automatically or automatically. One of the leading experts in this high-tech sector is GIF – Gesellschaft für Industrieforschung mbH. The successful German company is an engineering firm that works for major car makers across the globe, helping them to enhance the environmental friendliness, safety, comfort and economy of their products – a pledge that is underlined by the slogan ‘Gears go GIF’.

Product Interview

air up: Fragrant air for flavoured tap water

Water with taste, created solely through fragrance: This is what air up promises. The bottle is fitted with a pod, which sends fragrance into the throat. How exactly though, does bland tap water get to taste of lemon or apple? We asked founder Fabian Schlang.


Energy and environment matter

Care for the environment and reduced consumption of energy and materials are the principles that have guided the work of Wehrle-Werk AG from Emmendingen for many decades. The family company operates successfully in the three segments of energy technology, environmental technology and manufacturing, setting new standards and establishing market leadership. As Wehrle-Werk provides support from a single source, combining ecological and economical concepts, it has become a ubiquitious partner for perfect solutions.


Second-hand fashion is first choice

Sustainability is much more than just keeping our environment clean. Sustainability is a holistic lifestyle concept embracing values, attitude towards people and nature, and is relevant to all kinds of goods which are subject to a life cycle process. Sustainability is at the core of Kleiderkreisel GmbH based in Berlin. Its online marketplace for second-hand fashion has become a must not only for environmentally aware fashionistas, but also five million young women in Germany. CEO Justas Janauskas is convinced he can transfer this concept to new markets in the coming years.


Run better, recover faster

Compression socks have become the latest must-have for runners and triathletes. Their ability to improve circulation and aid post-exercise recovery is encouraging more athletes to wear them for both training and competition. Graduated elastic socks are just the latest in a long line of crossovers from medicine to sport in the search for improved athletic performance. Improvements in materials and knitting techniques have helped to expand their applications. Swiss manufacturer SIGVARIS has been making compression stockings for over 60 years and has pioneered many of the advances in the sector. Its subsidiary SIGVARIS GmbH is responsible for its activities in the German market.

Interview with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH

Jewelry for every personality

Jewelry speaks a universal language and unites people in a common understanding across the world. It is a way of expressing personality, sometimes through a signature piece that is worn every day but more often through a collection of different items chosen to suit different outfits and occasions. Pandora is renowned for its range of jewelry that can be adapted to look different each day, with thousands of permutations to suit the tastes, personalities and purses of women around the globe. European Business spoke with Kate Walsh, Managing Director Northern Europe for Pandora Jewelry GmbH.


Standing tall in a field of giants

For many years, Japan has been at the center of technological development. Cameras, televisions and sound equipment are the obvious products that we are all aware of. However, not surprisingly, the country’s expertise extends far beyond everyday consumer goods. Some of the world’s most renowned scientific equipment also stems from Japan. Precision System Science Co. Ltd (PSS) is an expert in the field of clinical laboratory systems with the focus on the molecular diagnostics field. The company has established a subsidiary in Europe, Precision System Science Europe GmbH (PSSE), to develop new business across the region.