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True child of digitization

SLM Solutions Group AG is upending centuries of established metal manufacturing practices with its introduction of state-of-the-art 3D metal printers, which have the capacity to create incredibly intricate components quickly and efficiently. With an SLM printer also comes indepth consulting services, giving operators the ability to effectively translate a design concept into a finished product. Suitable for all industrial sectors, the versatility of SLM 3D metal printers has launched SLM Solutions Group AG to the forefront of additive manufacturing. European Business magazine met with SLM Solution’s VP and Head of Global Marketing & Communications, Stefan Ritt, to learn more about this revolutionary technology.


The office of tomorrow, today

In Germany alone, over 20 million people sit at a desk in an office every day. If you count the number of people who use a desk at home or elsewhere for personal use, this number increases dramatically. Given the amount of time we spend at work, the environment is critical. The look and feel of the surroundings and fittings can make or break the ambiance, and of course, comfortable office furniture is crucial. ASSMANN BÜROMÖBEL GMBH & CO. KG, headquartered in Melle in north-west Germany, understands what it takes to create a perfect working environment.


Engineering power since 1948

Situated on the northern coast of Poland, in 1945 Gdansk lay in ruins. At the time it would have been hard to imagine any kind of post-war rebuilding but by 1948 the town was starting to get back on its feet. Elektromontaż Gdańsk S.A. was founded in this year and 70 years later is well-respected for its onshore and offshore electrical installations. It designs, manufactures, installs and services electric and automation systems and equipment for civil engineering, power plants, industrial and marine applications – in Poland and throughout the world. Export Manager Ms. Katarzyna Eremus, provides a closer insight into the company.


Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH

It is the unique combination of innovative design, advanced technology, outstanding quality and ease of use that has made an Austrian company a pioneer and leader in a fiercely competitive market. Machines Highest Mechatronic GmbH in Erl is synonymous with outstanding textile screen printing machines.


All services under one roof

The last few decades have seen new technologies and refined solutions entering the craftsman’s world. While in the past electrical installations were purely a matter of manual labour and material, this segment has developed at a rapid pace. Today, it requires specialists like Nutz GmbH which are familiar with complex electrical engineering, lighting technology and building automation systems. The company in Aschau am Inn in Bavaria has developed from a small one-man workshop into a leading expert for electrical engineering, data technology, security systems and maintenance at home and beyond.


Inspired by nature

This year, the Dutch blooming hotel celebrates its 70th birthday. Initially founded as an academy, the company added a hotel which eventually became the focus of the business. Located in a natural setting in the dunes of Bergen on the shore of the North Sea, blooming hotel is an inspiring place in an impressive natural setting, a green oasis for leisure and business guests.


“Our machines keep our quality promise”

Outstanding quality and extremely long durability – these are the promises Saugbagger Produktions GmbH from Saalfeld in Germany makes its clients. Europe-wide, the company is acknowledged as the market leader in suction dredges. Now, the company aims to go global and enter the world markets USA and Canada.


Specialty chemistry for a sustainable future

Chemical companies have special responsibility for protecting our environment, and ensuring safe production and handling. In this respect, CHT Switzerland AG is a prime example of conscientiousness. Specializing in textile dyes, the Swiss company is part of the German CHT Group which is dedicated to specialty chemistry for a sustainable future. With its innovative BEZAKTIV GO range of reactive dyes, the company has set the new standard for intense-colour, resource-saving dyes for textile production and other sophisticated applications.


An inspiring combination

The business world is subject to tremendous transformations, and companies are well advised to align their operating models and processes accordingly. They require the help of a consultant who is at home in delivering and designing appropriate solutions and has a clear vision of underlying IT solutions and processes. Medium-sized and large companies turn to Infosys Lodestone Management Consultants GmbH. The German subsidiary of the international consulting group Infosys Lodestone from Switzerland creates and implements solutions that support international players’ growth.


Top of the class

Storage and filing are a part of any business or organization that has to be carefully maintained. In France, the go-to provider for filing and storage solutions, especially automated ones, is Electroclass SAS, based in Bussy-Saint-Georges in the Île-de-France region just east of Paris. With a young and dynamic team, a project with Microsoft in the pipeline and plans to expand its markets into new countries beyond the numerous countries in which it already operates, Electroclass is definitely a class to be reckoned with.


Celebrating the past and looking to the future

Garden festivals are opportunities to regenerate rundown areas and breathe new life into neglected city districts. The 1997 national horticultural show held in Gelsenkirchen, Germany was the first in Germany to be staged on a former coal mining site. The advantage of these shows is that they leave a lasting legacy that improves quality of life in the host area long after the show has ended. A good example is Heiner’s Hotel and Gastronomie GmbH which originated in the bistro cafe that was created to serve visitors to the festival.

Interview with Håkan Högberg, Product and Marketing Manager at H1 Communication AB

Prioritizing happiness: The key to satisfied customers

A Happy philosophy©: Probably not at the top of most companies’ agendas, but perhaps it should be; after all, it has long been recognized that happy employees are more likely to result in satisfied customers. Swedish outsourced customer relationship management (CRM) provider H1 Communication AB – H1 stands for ‘happy one’ – takes the well-being of its 400 employees extremely seriously. It forms the foundation of the company culture, and its many loyal customers experience the positive impact of this approach every single day.


Connecting human and machine

Have you ever wondered what keeps large machinery and a multitude of technical equipment in operation? It is above all the operating technology, including keyboards and touch panels, that is in use in the field of data input. GETT Gerätetechnik GmbH is the expert for keyboard-related products for industry as well as for the medical sector worldwide.


A partner in mouldings

The injection moulding industry has expanded greatly over the past several years. Innovations in the industry are resulting in higher-quality final products as well as more efficient production processes. Kellpla has contributed tremendously to this market with its high-tech innovations and creative designs. The group’s passion for success is shown in its product selection, customized processes and care for its customers.


Flying high in rough terrain

Helicopters are really taking off in terms of popularity. As people venture further into untouched and hard-to-reach areas, helicopters are a viable alternative to airplanes thanks to their speed and small space requirements. Helicopters are indispensible in the offshore industry, and a number of onshore sectors profit from their use, as well. For the past 20 years, Østnes has been a supporter of Eurocopter in Northern Europe. Based in Oslo, Norway, Østnes takes charge of sales, after-sales services and any needs in between.


Efficient data networking and housing

An optical fiber is a flexible, transparent fiber that is made of glass or plastic. Usually, it is slightly thicker than a human hair and finds application in many sciences and industries. An advantage of this technology is its ability to permit transmissions over longer distances and at higher bandwidths. A company from Taastrup in Denmark is aware of these benefits: GlobalConnect A/S maintains its own dark fiber network and offers comprehensive networking and housing services.


Fast and flexible, modular high-tech buildings

Last year the German company Cadolto Fertiggebäude GmbH & Co. KG was awarded a major contract in Kirkenes in Norway, a town north of the Arctic Circle. Kirkenes needed a new hospital, and due to the conditions ‒ very long winters and short summers ‒ the time window for the construction is extremely short. So the regional hospital operator Finnmarkssykehuset opted for a modular construction technique and chose Cadolto, a leader in complex modular high-tech buildings with a track record in supplying turnkey modular hospital buildings across Europe. This spring, Cadolto is starting delivery of the prefabricated modules; by October 2016 the hospital will be completed.


High performance, low emissions

Motor graders are special construction vehicles designed to create a smooth, wide, flat surface. They are used for road construction, forestry, mining and other challenging applications in rough environments. Europe’s undisputed leader in this sophisticated market, and one of the main global players, too, is GP Papenburg Maschinenbau GmbH. The company combines high performance with low emissions and manages to meet its customers’ most specific requirements.


Innovating facade solutions

Modern architecture relies heavily on glass and metal as visual shorthand for success and power. Think of BMW’s iconic ‘four-cylinder’ Munich headquarters with its unique design and imposing aluminium facade. The company responsible for supplying the facade elements used during renovation work on the protected historic building was Dobler Metallbau GmbH. The experienced metal facade constructor has worked on numerous other landmarks in Munich and across Germany before and since, and is also active internationally.


Groupe EML – specialised in refractory solutions

Groupe EML follows a full-service approach and covers the whole value-added chain from the calculation, planning, construction and mounting of industrial furnaces. “Thanks to our group structure we are able to accomplish the complete production in-house,” says CEO Rémi Ehrler. “This is an important advantage for our clients as they get everything from one source.”