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Living high over Vienna

In Europe’s capital cities, living space is becoming scarcer by the day, and often it requires a new way of thinking to create new living areas. Luxurious penthouse extensions might not be the fi rst choice for everyone, but in Austria’s capital Vienna, there has been growing demand for the conversion of attics into airy apartments, often covering more than one level. Penthouse Construction GmbH is the expert for penthouse construction and renovation projects, offering customized conversion projects to a wealthy, urban clientele.


If you water it, it will grow

If you are in Poland and watering the garden with a hose or sprinkler, then it is highly likely that the equipment you are using was made by Cellfast. The Polish plastics processing company is a leading manufacturer of hoses, garden accessories, garden tools, gutter systems and soffits in this part of Europe. It enjoys the top position in its domestic market and has strong exports to the rest of Europe and the world. Its success can be attributed to significant investment in its manufacturing capacity and modern technology as well as its human capital.


Global technology services from the heart of Europe

In the ultra competitive and ever-changing world of technology, envisage a company that can solve all your IT and engineering challenges in a one-stop shop. Now imagine finding such a company that can also offer an innovative, cost-effective, international service from the heart of Europe, with highly motivated and talented staff and guaranteed system security. Based in Poland, Sii Sp. z o.o. currently provides just such a service to over 100 clients in 20 countries across the world.


Finding the right ratio

Architecture is often seen as a balancing act – a trade-off between the ideal and the possible; ambition tempered by practicality. As with everything, there is a golden ratio in which competing aspects find the perfect balance. Norwegian architecture firm RATIO arkitekter AS is all about finding the perfect ratio between people, the buildings they inhabit and the surrounding environment in a built environment that enhances everyone’s quality of life.


The cool change

Food preservation has been a challenge for every culture at nearly every point in history. In ancient times, people had to harness nature to survive. In frozen climates they froze meat on the ice; in tropical climates, they dried food in the sun. Today, the most sophisticated refrigerators keep our food fresh. They have come a long way since their introduction in the early 1900s. FOGAL refrigeration srl based in Ronchi dei Legionari in Italy manufactures customized refrigerated cabinets that stand out from the market.

Interview with Virgilio Mariani, Product and Business Development Director at Euronet Pay & Transaction Services S.r.l.

Spending moves towards digital in Italy

The cashless society: Is it a global aspiration or rapidly becoming a reality? Either way, it’s a situation which could be achieved in the not-to-distant future. While some countries are still predominantly cash driven, many governments and businesses are working hard to change through the wide-scale introduction of digital payment or prepayment solutions. One such company, and a specialist in the field, is epay Italy, based in Milan. A subsidiary of Euronet Worldwide Inc and part of the global epay business, the Italian firm has the expertise, experience and instinct for innovation which is helping drive the conversion to digital payment services in Italy.


Insured for take-off

An unmanned aircraft flies over a field of corn, mapping areas of weed infestation. Another hovers under a bridge, checking for signs of structural damage. A third swoops over a crowd of spectators and films a sporting event. Drone technology was never far from the headlines in 2015, and its non-military uses are bound to grow still further in 2016 and beyond. As usual, regulatory bodies have been caught napping with regard to this popular new trend and are now scrambling to set out a legal framework. In light of several high-profi le accidents, a liability insurance requirement is the very least that can be expected. Aviation insurance specialist Compagnie Belge d’Assurances Aviation SA (Aviabel) is, as usual, ahead of the curve and already offers drone insurance as part of its portfolio.


Raising the spirits of the Black Forest

The Black Forest region in south-west Germany is rich in tradition: the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, cuckoo clocks, its rich and tasty cherry gateau, skiing, fine wines, the list goes on and on. One tradition with which the region is particularly closely associated is the production of fruit brandy. The warm summers in the Black Forest are perfect for growing the quantity and quality of fruit necessary for making the popular spirits. Bimmerle KG is a private, family-owned distillery which boasts a long history of producing fruit brandies, and has, in recent years, diversified its portfolio to increase its prospects on the export market.


A strong vision for the future

Even those fortunate enough to enjoy 20/20 vision in their youth will end up wearing glasses later in life. But eyewear is not just there to correct deficiencies in a person’s vision. Sunglasses and other forms of eyewear have become fashion statements every bit as important as any other accessory. For eyeglasses of all kinds, one of the biggest names in the optical retail sector is Vision Group SpA. With more than 2,100 outlets operating under its franchise concept, the group enjoys a 20% share of the Italian market.


Paper production from A to Z

The Slovenian city of Radeče looks back on a long tradition in the production of paper. The first records date back to the beginning of the 18th century. As a result, the local paper companies draw on many years of experience and profound know-how in paper production. This is also true for Radeče paper Group. Founded back in 1736, the company offers a high level of vertical integration. Based on this asset, Radeče paper Group aims to become a global leader in its field.


A global specialist in integrated multi-technical services

How do you create a better environment for tomorrow whilst running a successful business today? This is a dilemma faced by many large organisations, how can they access the future benefits of more sustainable operations, boost their environmental credentials and take part in big ideas like the “Circular Economy” while also serving the need to reduce costs? The answer is to bring in a willing partner with the expertise and resources to support such a transformation. Veolia Industries Global Solutions, headquartered in Paris, offers tailored outsourcing solutions for facilities and utilities management.


Innovation made in Italy

Creative ideas and innovative approaches have led to many solutions that have made people’s lives easier. Thanks to top-performing engineering firms, many production processes have been optimized. Vortex Hydra S.r.l. with headquarters in Fossalta di Copparo, Italy, is among those companies that have helped customers save time and costs with innovative ideas in the design and development of products, machinery and plants. This year, the Italian firm is celebrating its 50th anniversary.


Paying more than lip service to big data

Today, the terms big data and artificial intelligence are on everyone’s lips, however, the proportion of companies that truly use the insights and advantages big data can confer to inform their strategic planning is still relatively small. Most pay mere lip service to the trend by buying the relevant software and equipment but then failing to interpret and analyze the resulting data correctly. Founded in Paris in 2006 by four university friends, Ekimetrics was set up with the aim of bringing big data to the front office. The intention was to gather information that could be used as the basis for effective market strategies.


Sharing the therapy workload

Medical practitioners experience an ever-increasing number of patients, more complex medical interventions requiring detailed explanation and constant monitoring, growing administrative tasks and controls. An escalating workload from a multitude of sources means that doctors are under more time pressure than ever before. German firm Vitartis Medizin-Service GmbH has developed an innovative solution, supporting doctors and patients alike, and improving the quality of health care in a range of critical areas.


Punching above its weight

When it comes to punches for the leather industry, Gerdins Cutting Tech AB is a company that has been punching above its weight for some time. Founded in 1952 and still in the hands of the founding family, the company is the leading manufacturer of leather perforation tubes in the world and a leading player in the production of cutting die boards. It owes its global leadership position to the consistent quality of its products, excellent customer service and longstanding relationships with clients.


Holding industry together

When it comes to manufacturing, few products are made from one solid piece of material. Instead, different components come together to form larger items, such as cars or furniture. These components are held together with screws, bolts, rivets or other fasteners – which is precisely the expertise of the Böllhoff Group. The family-owned group spans 24 countries, including the Czech Republic. Böllhoff, s.r.o., the group’s first location in Eastern Europe, celebrates 25 years of fastening finesse this year with more high-quality products and even better-quality services.


A powerful fibre network

When it comes to quick connections, optical fibres provide a reliable and highly efficient way of transfer. Needless to say, that suitable fibre infrastructures are indispensable. A company from Sweden specializes in this field of operation. Triangelbolaget D4 AB from Malmö offers an optical fibre ring between the three Swedish cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, and has recently expanded its business to neighbouring countries.


Creating value for people

There are only a few companies which can look back on a history of almost 350 years. Merck in Poland is part of the oldest pharmaceutical and chemical company in the world as Merck’s roots date back as far as 1668. The company started its operations on the Polish market in 1992. That means that for over 20 years now, patients and clients in Poland have been able to benefit from the high quality of Merck products.


Your culinary masterpiece

Cooking is a universally intimate process that brings families and friends together to share a long-standing cultural tradition – a common thread that connects people of all ages and backgrounds. For professionals and amateurs alike, Scanpan’s collection of versatile pots, pans and kitchenware will add flavour to any culinary venture. They are the tools that will enable you to take your gastronomic creations to the next level. Not only are Scanpans immaculately engineered and hand-cast in Denmark, they are also made from recycled materials and are completely PFOA-free.


Drinks at the heart of the occasion

No get-together or meeting of any kind is complete without a drink. Beers, wines, spirits and non-alcoholic drinks are made to be enjoyed, and we all have our favourites. Family concern Spendrups Bryggeri AB has been tempting Swedish tastes with its comprehensive portfolio of beers and other beverages for the past 100 years.