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A jet-setter’s paradise

The Amalfi Coast has long been the place to see and be seen on Italy’s long Mediterranean coastline. While the picturesque towns of Amalfi and Positano are the obvious tourist hotspots, there are other lesser-known gems to be discovered. If secluded luxury, stunning views and immaculate service are required, then the boutique hotel Casa Angelina in Praiano deserves not to be missed. Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking the azure water, its pristine white walls contrast with the blue of sea and sky to create a perfect oasis of peace.

Interview with Jean-Christophe Radouan, Managing Director of Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart

A biscuit with a story to tell

Every country has its own food specialties, some sweet and some savoury. They are usually the things that migrants miss most when they move to another country for work. In the case of the Italian migrants who settled in Romans-sur-Isère in France in the 19th century, it was their much-loved Italian jam-filled biscuits. However, just as the people adapt to their new home, so too do their imported food specialties. Today, Société Nouvelle des Douceurs de Jacquemart continues to bake the traditional Lunettes de Romans, created when two cultures met. European Business talked to Managing Director Jean-Christophe Radouan about the birth of a Dauphinoise tradition.

Van Aarsen International BV

Animal feed technology: Modest facade, global strength

Panheel, a village in the Netherlands with just 210 inhabitants, is the unassuming home of a renowned global player. Behind this modest facade, animal feed production machinery specialist Van Aarsen International BV has developed a worldwide reputation for innovation and partnership. Marketing and Communication Manager Noura Kuppens describes the outstanding innovation and service provided to its international customers.

Interview with Thomas Himmighofen, Director at KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH

Contributing to the energy revolution with cogeneration

KAWASAKI motorcycles are known all over the world. However, KAWASAKI Heavy Industries Ltd. (KHI) with their headquarters in Japan is active in various industries such as aerospace, robotics and rolling stocks. KAWASAKI Gas Turbine Europe GmbH (KGE) based in Bad Homburg close to Frankfurt am Main is part of the group’s energy division, focused on gas turbines and gas engines. European Business spoke to the company’s director about its place within KAWASAKI and potentials for future business.


Book more than a hotel, book an unforgettable life experience

When traveling, a hotel is a home away from home. This is why it is important to choose a place that fits a visitor’s personality, needs or goals for the trip. Chain hotels offer an attractive price point, but many lack real character. Fleischer’s Hotel AS, headquartered in Voss, Norway, has remained an independent, family-owned location. This allows the owners and staff the opportunity to give guests a truly unique experience from the rooms, to the food, to the grounds and all the extra amenities.

Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH

Heart-healthy oils produced in an environment-friendly process

The coronavirus crisis has focused minds like no other crisis before it. Most importantly, it has come as a wake-up call that, amongst other things, more sustainable business practices and an increased respect for the environment must inform decision making in the future. These twin imperatives already formed the basis for the creation in 2000 of Teutoburger Ölmühle GmbH in Ibbenbüren, a former mining town in northern Germany. European Business talked to Managing Director Gerd Beilke about the company’s vision for a sustainable and organic future for cooking oil production.

Interview with Dr. Christian Neuner, CEO of FLEX-Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH

Get the job done right

‘You are only as good as the tools you use’. This saying has been around for many years and has lost none of its significance. There are many reasons why using the correct tool for the job is crucial. Every tool is designed for a specific purpose which is essential to getting a job done successfully. That is why FLEX tools are the first choice for many people all around the world. They meet the most diverse requirements perfectly – and have distinctive names such as ‘Giraffe’ or ‘Okapi’.

Interview with Fred-Markus Bohne, Managing Partner of Panattoni

A sustainable approach to turnkey logistics facilities

A fairly reliable measure of business confidence is the rate of investment in industrial real estate. For Panattoni, a turnkey developer of logistics warehouses and industrial premises, and German office of the Panattoni Development Company in the USA, its full order books indicate that general confidence levels remain high, despite the coronavirus crisis. European Business spoke to Managing Partner Fred-Markus Bohne about the importance of sustainability and a forward-looking approach to real estate investment.

Interview with Thomas Nuss, CEO, and Tim Christiansen, CRO, of EPROFESSIONAL GmbH

Being seen in the digital world

Founded in Hamburg at the tail end of the 20th century, EPROFESSIONAL GmbH arrived at the start of not just a new millennium but a new age for the marketing sector. It was 1999, the year after Google was founded, and the acronym SEO had not yet become a key preoccupation of digital marketers. In the intervening two decades, EPROFESSIONAL has become a master of digital marketing and online marketing strategy, with multiple Search Engine Advertising awards and an impressive customer portfolio including household names such as L’Oréal, Vodafone and DEVK. European Business talked to CEO Thomas Nuss and CRO Tim Christiansen about navigating the wonderful world of digital marketing.

Interview with Jouko Prami, Interim CEO and CFO of Leader Foods Oy

When bars boost business

The boldness to try new things and the belief that anything is possible have laid the foundation for Leader Foods Oy, the number one manufacturer of deluxe snack and protein bars in Finland. Its new protein bar made of crickets is not just a PR stunt but a new way of introducing a nutritious and sustainable source of protein to consumers. Lately, Leader’s new protein snack bar has become another example of the company’s ability to launch products that are healthy and taste good. And it is not just the Finnish consumer who loves Leader bars.


General Information: EPROFESSIONAL stands for Digital Marketing, Technology and Stategic Consulting. Our 150 Hamburg-based Digital Data & Technology Consultants have been partners of strong international brands, leading web portals, high-performance web shops and successful multi chain stores since 1999. We carry out strategic consulting, create individual technical solutions and implement tool stacks. Furthermore, we manage channel specific and overall channel branding and performance campaigns within data driven marketing.

Interview with Enrico Ukrow, Managing Director of Kliniken Beelitz GmbH

Giving recovery a head start

Accidents or illness can strike anyone at any time. When it does, it is comforting to know that experienced specialist teams with access to the latest innovative therapies are available to help worried and bewildered patients on their way to recovery or, in the worst case scenario, with effective management of their condition. Kliniken Beelitz GmbH in Brandenburg is a center of expertise in the area of neurology, and offers advanced treatment and first and second stage rehabilitation to patients from across the whole of Germany.

Interview with Pierre-Arnaud Grenade, CEO of ba&sh SAS

From friendship to global success in attainable-luxury fashion

From the innovative business idea of two former school friends to a global concern: The trajectory of French women's clothing company ba&sh SAS has been phenomenal. European Business spoke with CEO Pierre-Arnaud Grenade to find out more.