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Take action with IT

Customer relationship management (CRM) was in its infancy when Dr. Matthias Glinz founded Glinz COVIS GmbH in 1983. As one of the first to recognize the potential of individual software solutions in key processes, the company was soon able to set itself apart from others in the market. Then as now, its major selling point was the ability to offer a complete value proposition, combining both software and operations.


Customer care going mobile

Running a business of any sort, large or small, is a complicated undertaking, made even more so by the advances in technology and processes for which many companies do not have, and do not need to have, permanent skilled staff. Mellon Poland Sp.zo.o., a subsidiary of the Mellon Group, which operates across Central and South East Europe, has ten years’ experience in providing technology solutions and outsourcing services in a range of sectors.


Industrial cleaning systems

The cleaning of components and parts is an important part of the manufacturing process in a wide range of industry sectors. For over 50 years, Laborex BVBA in Belgium has operated on the international stage as a producer of industrial cleaning systems and blast cabinets for integration into industrial production lines. More recently, the company has landed a major contract for a vacuum wastewater cleaning system from the Belgian national railway worth 50 million EUR over the next eight years.


Modern architecture with an international scope

Architecture is about creativity. Yet, to run an architect’s office requires efficiency and structures at the same time. The bigger the office, the more difficult it is to maintain a consistently high level of creativity, especially when international projects are involved. The KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH, based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is one of the few bigger players who manage to balance creativity and economic efficiency. Managing Partner Christopher Hammerschmidt believes in a clear architectural concept, open-mindedness towards changes and trends, and in structural flexibility.


Innovating for the digital world

The European IT industry is a highly competitive market. Only the best of the best are hired by companies to update and manage their digital systems – also referred to as digital transformation. In today’s business climate, every major industry needs experts in digital transformation, which is why companies such as Apside SA are hired to work alongside these organizations. Apside has expertise in the developmental and engineering skills needed to run a successful large business, and these skills are being recognized more and more throughout Europe.


Client-oriented investments

Brexit has had a predictably dramatic effect on the money markets both in the UK and Europe. The continuing uncertainty means that the financial sector can expect to be unsettled for some time to come. For asset management companies like Schelcher Prince Gestion SA, the challenges in creating wealth for investors have never been greater. In the face of unprecedented uncertainty, the company is holding true to its philosophy of providing client-oriented management and a risk-averse approach.


Making business a pleasure in Normandy

Deauville is a commune of only a few thousand people in northwestern France’s Normandy. The seaside resort – the one closest to Paris – is home to a beautiful harbour, a race track, casinos and hotels, and is known as “the queen of Norman beaches.” Located on the Côte Fleurie (the Flowery Coast) and referred to as the Parisian riviera, Deauville is the stunning site of Le Centre International de Deauville, or C.I.D, an 18,000 m2 venue for conferences, festivals, concerts and other gatherings.


Masters of the sky

Especially in mountain areas, many jobs could not be accomplished without helicopters. Thanks to their manoeuvrability and robustness, they are ideal for use in diffi cult environments or emergency situations. Nationwide, Hélicoptères de France in Tallard is a demanded air service partner, especially for jobs in diffi cult environments and emergency situations. Thanks to the integration into the HBG group, the company aims to gain ground abroad in the coming years.