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Finance & Real Estate


Real added value for fascinating real estate

Fascinating real estate in the best location with great potential is the business of RFR Holding GmbH based in Frankfurt, Germany. The company develops individual strategies to rebuild, reorganize or modernize acquired property in Germany as well as in the US and thereby creates added value.


Estate brokers you can trust

Buying property is a challenge, no matter whether for private use or as an investment. There is much money involved and you have to make sure that the estate is worth the price you pay and that it is in good condition. Often, it is also difficult to find the right object. Especially when it comes to commercial objects, you need to have a reliable and trustworthy partner at your side. Kamps und Partner Immobilienberatungsgesellschaft mbH from Aachen in Germany is a specialist for the brokerage of commercial estates. Following an uncompromising quality approach based on professionalism and discretion. At present, Germany is the most important market for the estate specialists. Karsten Kamps, son of the company founder and member of the management is optimistic to enhance the company’s international market position in the coming years.


Creating new spaces

Today more than ever, modern and meaningful headquarters or salesrooms contribute to a company’s public visibility. Therefore, shopping centers, office and exhibition buildings, or hotels are carefully designed and realized with up-to-date technology. HRS Real Estate Ltd. from Frauenfeld in Switzerland specializes in this field of operation. The Swiss company invests in, develops and realizes building construction projects of all kinds and offers reconstruction and renovation services.


Electronic transactions made easy

Nowadays, more and more people prefer cashless payment methods with credit or debit cards. Needless to say, shops and institutions have to provide respective terminals to guarantee for safety and customer convenience. CCV Holland B.V. specializes in this field of operation. The Dutch company with headquarters in Arnhem is a worldwide player in electronic payment transactions.


Providing assurance to financial firms across the globe

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, part of Wolters Kluwer based in Alphen aan den Rijn, the Netherlands, and with officers across the globe, provides audit, risk and compliance solutions that help financial organizations improve efficiency and effectiveness across their enterprise. The company specializes in risk management and regulatory compliance solutions on a single and unified platform. Wolters Kluwer Financial Services continuously provides innovation and improvement to its offering in order to keep ahead of the ever-changing regulatory landscape.


The key to the Swiss property market

The property market has gone through its ups and downs in recent years, and the pressures of the financial crisis have even been felt in the relatively stable Swiss market. Property prices and rental income here have been traditionally high, but the crisis has introduced more movement than before. Rilsa S.A., headquartered in Lausanne and with offices throughout the Lake Leman region, offers a range of property services to clients looking to buy, sell or rent in the Swiss real estate market.


Partnership is possible

Most landlords would not regard or even treat their tenants as partners. AB Sagax, however, is proof that partnership is possible. The Swedish real estate firm is a leading Scandinavian lessor of warehousing and light industrial space that supports its customers’ business in every feasible way, from solving minor shelving problems to completing major facility extensions.


Invest in the future

The recent decision by the German constitutional court not to block the European Stability Mechanism has given the equities markets a much needed fillip. This is welcome news for investors and the banks that rely on their business. Jyske Bank (Schweiz) AG, a subsidiary of Jyske Bank in Denmark, specialises in investment products for wealthy individuals. After a challenging few years, there is again light at the end of the tunnel.


Together in real estate

Cofinimmo SA from Brussels, Belgium, is the leading listed Belgian real estate company specialising in rental property. Focusing on shareholders’ value and close client relationships, the company is continuously optimising its portfolio. Following a sustainable strategy, the company has many future projects in the pipeline.


Success through autonomy

Long gone are those times when people used to contract all their insurances with the same provider. Now that the states are constantly cutting down on national provisions and services, consumers have become very performance-oriented and compare prices and provisions. In order to get a market overview and to find the best provider, most of them trust their insurance and finance affairs to a neutral broker. In Germany, Fonds Finanz Maklerservice GmbH from Munich is one of the leading broker teams. The bbg study published in a renowned German finance magazine even voted Fonds Finanz Maklerservice “The best broker pool in Germany.”


A good-looking investment

The property market continues to offer strong returns for investors and represents a secure investment over the long term. Even in times of depressed property prices, a property asset that on paper may seem to be depreciating in value can still generate satisfactory rental revenues to tide the owner over. Palladium France is part of the Dutch-owned Palladium Group, which operates a portfolio of broadly diversified activities in the European and US real estate markets. This diversification has ensured its continued growth and success over the past century.


Liquidity for closed-end real estate funds

Germany is well known for its strong and relatively stable real estate market offering numerous opportunities for investors. As a result, the US-based real estate private equity company Madison International Realty selected Germany as the springboard for its European activities. Today, its German subsidiary Madison Real Estate is well established in the market as the leading liquidity provider in secondary market closed-end real estate funds.


Safe as houses

Despite recessions, financial crises and the normal up and down of economic cycles, property continues to offer a solid return on investment and reliable capital growth over the long term. The key to maximising the investment potential of property assets lies initially in choosing the right property to invest in and secondly in selecting the right company to manage it. Groupe Immobilier du Mail in Geneva, Switzerland, offers a complete service to property investors allowing them to maximise profits with minimal effort.


Lifecycle property and facility management

Property management and facility management are similar terms though not exactly the same. A property manager has an expanded role which includes leasing and marketing activities whereas a facility manager focuses on existing tenants who are usually owner-occupants. Property management is the operation of commercial, industrial or residential real estate, and its services are pointed to the asset. On the other hand, facility management serves the building as well as the user and can be defined as the maintenance and care of buildings in a secure, cost-effective and environmentally sound manner aimed at the long-term preservation of the building. An expert in both sectors is MIBAG Property + Facility Management AG. The Swiss company provides integrated property and facility management solutions which span the entire lifecycle of a property and have a strong focus on energy management – all with the aim of creating attractive buildings for owners, investors and users.