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Industrial Supplies


How to excel in a ‘simple’ product

Many industrial sectors, from mechanical engineering firms to DIY stores, depend on screws and bolts – as either vendor parts or articles for sale. They come in thousands of different sizes, geometries and qualities for just as many different applications. It is a sector, therefore, requiring significant competence – such as that offered by EMMEVI Srl, an Italian business with four decades of technological expertise in all types of fastening products.


The lion is a symbol for courage, strength and leadership – and perfectly reflects the values of TAG S.R.L., which is headquartered in Dolzago. The Italian company is a powerful leader in innovative heat treatment services and is constantly striving to improve the quality of services to better support customers. Being a reliable and competent solution-provider has always had top priority.


As good as new

Swedish Lorry Parts AB sources and produces spare parts, suitable for Volvo and Scania, that are as good as or better than original parts. The company is headquartered on the outskirts of Stockholm. With 45 employees and a flexible base of 20 agency staff, SLP realizes a turnover of 19 million EUR and supports customers all over the world.


High performers in compact shape

Its products can be found in every other ground fault circuit breaker in Germany and Europe, its main activities are in fast evolving markets such as renewable energies, e-mobility and smart meters, and its customers comprise automotive industry leaders, including electric car pioneer Tesla. As an expert in electromagnetic compatibility, MAGNETEC GmbH supplies soft magnetic tape wound cores for all types of power electronics applications. Made from a special nanocrystalline material NANOPERM®, the cores are exceptionally high in performance but very low in weight and compact in design.


Carbon-binding game changer

The realization is dawning that a circular economy is the way forward on our precious planet. Some visionaries have already been acting on this idea for quite some time. The founders and owners of Orbix NV, which is headquartered in Genk, Belgium, are among those inspiring people and have developed a CO2-binding technology that is ready to find new applications.


The brand name says it all

When the electro giant Electrolux invited some of its major suppliers back in 2013, one name that appeared on the guest list caught the market’s attention. Plastelektro from Budapest was among the invitees to the Swedish company’s dinner, as one of only two European companies to be bestowed the honour of attending. Plastelektro – the name is a combination of plastic and electro, indicating its close link to the electronics industry – has recently changed its name to Saluxto Kft; Electrolux remains its major and most prominent customer.


Building with safety in mind

The construction industry is one of the most multi-faceted ones that is active today. From building styles to construction methods and materials, it is easy to see why the construction sector is so interesting. SFS intec AB, located in Sweden, is a market leader for design, sustainability and worker safety.


Feel totally connected

Connectivity is the buzzword that has helped to make our world safer, greener and, of course, more connected. The past decade has seen a soaring demand for devices and infrastructure that bring innovation to everyday life. Smart appliances, electric and autonomous cars, smart buildings and life-saving medical applications are only just some examples of how connector and sensor technology from TE Connectivity makes the world more sustainable, safer and more productive.


Durable dies

It started as a small workshop for metal parts, established by eight talented, ambitious brothers. Today, it is a leading provider of stamping solutions to the European automotive sector. Located in an area with a strong mechanical tradition, Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. specializes in high-quality dies to manufacture components and complete assemblies that last as long as the vehicle they are built into.


Stopping the world

The saying goes that the world never stops turning. But what happens when the world needs to hold still? Brakes stop whatever needs to be kept in place, whether it is an elevator, a wind turbine or a robot arm in a production facility. Kendrion (Villingen) GmbH is an expert in bringing moving things to a standstill. Based in southern Germany, the Industrial Drive Systems business unit of the Kendrion group covers all aspects of electromagnetism, in particular brakes.