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Transport & Logistics


Keeping trade afloat

The world’s oceans cover 71% of the earth’s surface. Since humanity lives on such a water-dominant planet, it makes sense that the oceans heavily influence our lives. The seas are sources of food, entertainment and transportation. Not being able to move goods via the water would severely limit trade between countries, cause many businesses to fail and make life much more inconvenient for the consumer. Zuidnatie NV, based in Antwerp, has offered complete and individualized logistic services in all areas of cargo handling since 1870. The company guarantees high-quality services and security while handling its customers’ goods.

Interview with Robert Payne, Corporate Communications Manager and International Spokesman at Fraport AG

Fraport Greece launches a new era for the regional airport gateways and the nation’s vital tourism industry

Thanks to its unique combination of historical sites and beautiful landscapes, Greece has always been a popular tourist destination. While some destinations in the Mediterranean /North Africa region are suffering from a drop in visitor numbers due to the insecure political situation, Greece is enjoying continual upward growth. When the German airport management company Fraport AG took over operations of 14 regional airports in Greece in April last year, this was the starting point of new opportunities for Greece’s vital tourism sector. We talked to Robert Payne, Fraport AG’s Corporate Communications Manager and International Group Spokesman about the background to the takeover and future challenges and projects.


From South Tyrol to the world

Moving goods across the mountains that divide northern and southern Europe presents its own specific set of challenges. In the South Tyrol region of northern Italy, the options to move freight by train are limited, which means most of the wine produced in the area must be transported to northern customers by road. Alpentrans Logistics specializes in food and beverage transportation from Italian and South Tyrolean producers to customers around the world. Last year, the family-owned company shipped more than 134 million bottles of wine, beer and spirits.


On the fast track in France

Any commuter could regale you about the trials and tribulations of traveling for work. As of July 2017, however, those traveling between Paris and Bordeaux have fewer complaints. In the summer, LISEA SAS opened the tracks for the operation of high-speed trains on the brand-new route connecting the French capital to the major wine metropolis. Six years in the making, the project, once Europe’s largest construction site, means a boost for the flourishing southwestern French town without losing sight of environmental factors.


The Stockholm southern gateway

Cheap air travel has made the world a smaller place, and the trend continues. The possibility to choose and combine individual flight packages contributes to this development, just like people’s growing wish to travel. The Swedes in particular like to travel extensively, and to faraway destinations at that. Moreover, recent surveys show that half a million of the country’s ten million inhabitants are frequent travellers because they spend some or all of their working life abroad. Stockholm Skavsta Airport in Nyköping, 100 km south of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, has become the southern Stockholm gateway to cheap air travel. Sweden’s third-largest international airport offers modern facilities that are capable of dealing with large volumes of passengers efficiently and economically.


Trolleys and trucks

In intralogistics, which is about getting material into manufacturing, forklift trucks and wooden pallets are increasingly being replaced by trolleys and light towing trucks. Another trend affecting logistics is the growth of e-commerce which requires efficient order picking. Helge Nyberg AB is meeting both developments – as the only company in Europe that manufactures and sells both trolleys and trucks.


Backwards and forwards

It is a highly diversified family business with activities in logistics, IT, automation, manufacturing, e-commerce, temporary employment, tenancy and facility management. And it is both looking backwards and forwards. LB GmbH is committed to sustainable, long-term development of the company and keeping tried-and-tested family values alive. At the same time, the successful, medium-sized enterprise is focused on digitalization, and seizing the vast opportunities offered by this persistent trend which is affecting all areas of life – for its customers and for itself.


Signalling top technology on European railways

Business success is rarely achieved only on the basis of a great idea. A number of factors normally combine, working hand in hand to create a prosperous venture. As the basis of its overarching vision, SIGNON Deutschland GmbH, a Berlin-based company specializing in technology and communication solutions for the rail and industrial sectors, has identified four fields of action that it considers critical for its long-term future. These underpin the company’s business strategy for the coming years, and its goal of becoming the leading all-round supplier of track-side technology.


Solid growth in a solidly united Europe

Like many Western businesses, the Dutch logistics specialist Raben Group went east after the fall of the Iron Curtain. 26 years ago, Ewald Raben, the grandson of the company founder, set up the first international subsidiary in Poland – as a student and with modest Polish language skills. Today, Raben Group is a major European player in the dynamically evolving logistics sector and has branches in twelve European countries, 10,000 employees, over one billion EUR in annual revenues and a strong commitment to a solidly united European Union.


Flying high in executive class

For top business managers and entrepreneurs, the privacy, productivity and time efficiency gains from having a private executive jet on standby more than offset the costs of both acquisition and maintenance. In fact, there has never been a better time to consider the purchase of a private jet as it is currently a buyer’s market. However, some aspects of jet ownership are best outsourced. Pro Jet GmbH based in Achim near Bremen, Germany is a specialist in aircraft management ensuring that private jet owners can enjoy the instant availability of their asset at all times.


Handling health around the world

Without the transport and logistics industry, the whole world would very quickly grind to a halt. No foodstuffs, no building materials, no medical supplies. Not just the luxuries in life need to be transported, the essentials which sustain life are equally dependent on efficient delivery solutions. Many products require only a lorry, ship or aircraft to get from A to B with no special conditions necessary, and there are thousands of generalist freight forwarders competing for this business. Some goods, however, need very careful handling due either to their value or sensitivity or, of course, both. Bomi Group specializes in logistics for the medical sector, moving clinical machines, diagnostics and other products around the world.