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Interview with Emma Heming Willis, CEO of CocoBaba

Falling in love - with coconut oil

A significant life event is often the trigger for a personal review of how we live. Pregnancy, where a woman is responsible not only for her own body, but that of her growing baby too, is a perfect example; mothers-to-be generally become much more health conscious than usual. During her first pregnancy, Emma Heming Willis, wife of action film star Bruce Willis and a passionate aficionado of beauty products, was so concerned about the ingredients of some of the cosmetics and creams that she was using, that she decided to create her own pure and natural solution. In an interview with European Business she explained the full background of her entrepreneurial baby: CocoBaba.

Our drive? Promoting the realization of individuality

EMP (Exclusive Merchandise Products) can today look back on 30 years of company success. Founded in a start-up setting, the firm is nowadays Europe’s number one multi-channel retailer in music, entertainment and gaming merchandise as well as vendor of fun, fashion and lifestyle products – and is therefore a vital part of the alternative community. European Business spoke to Managing Director Ernst Trapp about the challenges of digitalization, changes in the corporate structure, and the special meaning of the album Paranoid by Black Sabbath.


A lifestyle of form and function

Products that you use or interact with in some way on a daily basis should be more, should do more. They should enhance your lifestyle with function and form, and better still, should be sustainable. Granit Funktion & Förvaring AB, headquartered in Sweden, is on a mission to bring the Nordic ideas of ‘less is more’ and social responsibility to the rest of Europe, through its stunning homeware items as well as through its approach to work on sustainability by supporting social philanthrophy.


Keeping out of the cupboard

How many kitchen gadgets are bought with good intentions and, after a short time, are left to collect dust in the cupboard? Research shows that once a kitchen aid is put away in a cabinet, the likelihood of it being used decreases dramatically. Customers of Ankarsrum® Kitchen AB, the Swedish manufacturer of the renowned Ankarsrum® Assistant, are not only proud to display the machine in their kitchen, they are also enthralled by its capabilities.


Lighting up since 1744

A history that dates back to the year 1744 can be seen as an obligation to adhere to traditions, but for Gebr. Müller Kerzenfabrik AG from Straelen it has been a driving force to combine tradition and modern production under one roof. The company is one of the oldest candle manufacturers in Europe. Since 2013 its production has been certified as ‘segregated’ by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), confirming its position as a committed promoter of a sustainable production.


The tasteful side of smoking

We are long past the days of ‘Mad Men’ – when it was socially acceptable to smoke in every office, home and restaurant. With the advent of stricter non-smoking laws to protect bystanders, smokers were forced outdoors. Electronic cigarettes and ‘vaping’ have entered the scene, offering a healthier alternative to conventional tobacco products, and FlavourArt srl provides the perfect accessories. The Italian company produces flavours for e-cigarettes, making smoking tasteful again. Massimiliano Mancini, CEO and Founder of FlavourArt, believes vaping is the future of smoking, and his company is primed to serve this growing market.


Stronger – in sports and in life

Many people aim to be stronger and healthier – not only professional athletes but also the man or woman on the street. The fitness industry, therefore, is continuing to boom. One of the leading equipment suppliers to this global growth market is Eleiko Group AB, the only company certified by all three major international strength sport federations. Bringing together equipment, education and expertise, the Swedish enterprise aims to be the number one strength company – in both the professional and the commercial market.

Interview with Nina Müller, Company Manager of CHRIST Uhren & Schmuck AG

Small moments, great memories: A lifelong companion

From fashionable accessories to premium jewellery and Swiss made watches, CHRIST Switzerland has them all. Switzerland’s largest jeweller stands for expertise over generations and its 70 stores all over the country speak for themselves. However, even well-established companies with long-standing traditions such as CHRIST face new challenges in these increasingly fast-paced times and markets. Despite a challenging market situation Christ is standing tall as the constant companion it has always been.


Speeding to wholesale electrical success

With 28 branches throughout Poland, Hurtownie Elektryzne KOPEL Sp. z o.o. is one of the country’s leading wholesalers of electrical and electronic equipment. Boasting a product range bristling with big name manufacturers, the company offers the wholesaling triumvirate of high quality products, competitive prices and rapid service. Its focus on quality and constant improvement have won the Polish company numerous accolades and awards in a hugely competitive market. Managing Director Drahomira Just attributes its success to its adherence to traditional, family values.


Your culinary masterpiece

Cooking is a universally intimate process that brings families and friends together to share a long-standing cultural tradition – a common thread that connects people of all ages and backgrounds. For professionals and amateurs alike, Scanpan’s collection of versatile pots, pans and kitchenware will add flavour to any culinary venture. They are the tools that will enable you to take your gastronomic creations to the next level. Not only are Scanpans immaculately engineered and hand-cast in Denmark, they are also made from recycled materials and are completely PFOA-free.