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Automotive Engineering


Be ahead of the times

To consumers a brand name is as fundamental as the product itself. Many products become synonymous with the brand that first created them which is an outstanding success. There are brands that have become a part of everyday speech as they completely dominate their markets. In Italy, Brugola is a generic trademark – Brugola bolts are synonymous with hexagon socket head bolts invented by Egidio Brugola. Today, one car out of four in the world contains Brugola screws in its engine. Still today, Brugola OEB Industriale S.p.A. constantly demonstrates that it is ahead of its time.


A strong Family

Classic cars have a loyal fan base around the world – a very affluent fan base with a constantly growing demand for original spare parts and accessories. This trend is benefiting companies like JP Group Holding A/S. The Danish group of companies offers thousands of exclusive components for different types of classic cars – that many that you could easily assemble a whole VW Beetle from the range. Besides classic components, the Group also offers quality parts for more up-to-date vehicles.


Comfort and safety rolled into one

Individuals that work in the agriculture and public service industries help put food on the table, keep the streets clean and a variety of other behind-the-scenes jobs. Eurocab Torino s.r.l works to keep these individuals safe as they help make everyone’s life better.


High precision for a cleaner future

French lathing specialist Joseph MARTIN SA has been manufacturing turned parts since 1946. The family-owned company produces high precision, machined components at two production sites in Haute Savoie and specialises in the manufacture of large series parts for the automotive industry. Its expertise extends to parts and sub-assemblies for fluid regulation, fuel injection, hydraulic suspension systems and vehicle transmissions. With its rigorous system of quality management and quality control checks at all stages of production, Joseph MARTIN can guarantee the performance of its products.