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Finance & Real Estate


An innovative approach to property development

Things move fast in the real estate sector. When attractive properties come onto the market, decisions must be taken swiftly if a profitable opportunity is not to slip through the fingers. This is the quality that has made Swiss property development company Fortimo AG so successful. Its lean management structure and ability to act quickly have allowed it to carve itself a strong position in the Swiss property sector.


Big in mid-caps

Mid-caps are companies with a market capitalization generally defined as between 100 million and one billion USD. Chequers Capital, managed by Chequers Partenaires, was one of the first investors to develop this specific segment positioned between the small-caps and the large-caps. Today, the French private equity firm ranks among the leading European players in the market for companies with a middle capitalization.


Retail at the heart of the community

‘No man is an island’. A saying we are all no doubt familiar with, and one which underlines that most of us live as part of a community. We live in neighbourhoods – in big cities, in the suburbs or in outlying towns and villages. Naturally, the most important element is the people, but communities also need facilities, and often at their heart is a shopping center where local residents meet and catch up on the local news while indulging their retail habits. It is vital that such centers offer a pleasant but practical experience, and that they blend into and support the local environment. Retail property is the specialty of Garigal Asset Management GmbH.