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Interior & Garden


Find the perfect kitchen

The figures alone are impressive: 80 different kitchen models, more than 800 different columns, base and wall units, as well as over 6,000 combinations of finishes and colours and a choice of some 700 handles. It seems that Arrex Le Cucine, one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in Italy and beyond, knows all there is to know about kitchens. The company’s production focuses on quality materials, immaculate production processes and stunning design features. In fact, Arrex really caters for all tastes and offers contemporary as well as traditional kitchens.


The relaxation business

In today’s fast-paced world, a trip to a spa is like an excursion to heaven. Sweat out your sorrows in a sauna. Let a Thai massage take away your tension. Bid your problems goodbye in a Turkish bath. But to allow visitors to soak in all the pleasures of a spa, the area has to be designed and planned with care. This is precisely the work of Thermarium Bäder-Bau GmbH. The Austrian company plans and builds spa and wellness areas to give visitors all the relaxation they deserve. It believes so strongly in its work that it supports Global Wellness Day, an initiative encouraging people to live more mindfully so that they celebrate each day for a healthier and happier life.


Take the plunge in a natural pool

The dream of having a swimming pool in the garden remains just a dream for most people, many of whom content themselves with a pond instead. With the natural pools from Bioteich SAS, however, it is possible to have both. The French company has been building natural pools that blend into the environment for nearly 30 years.


Innovation forever and Ever

It is a room for bathing, beautifying and unwinding after a long day. Over the last couple of years, bathrooms have evolved into spa-like havens of relaxation and restoration. They are no longer a strictly functional space but more and more a personal retreat. When it comes to bathroom designs Thermomat Saniline Srl from Borgo Virgilio has always been a trendsetter. The company has regularly set new standards – not only but especially with its famous thermostatic cartridge.


The bright side of Italian style

Italy is synonymous with impeccable style. The best fashion schools, the best shoes, the best handbags – it is surely no coincidence that Italy is shaped like a boot. Home furnishings also have a place in Italy’s couture culture. Fabbian Illuminazione Spa partners with international designers and architects to produce stylish and modern light fixtures, so consumers can take home a piece of Italian fashion at an affordable price.


Building the perfect brand store

The shop interiors of prominent fashion brands always impress with the wonderful clothing on display. However, the image of a brand is not only reflected in its products but to an even greater extent in the environment it chooses to present the brand. Imagebuilders BV knows all about the creation of the perfect sales setting, as it is the first address manufacturers like Tommy Hilfiger, Scotch & Soda, Levi`s or Lee turn to when a new shop interior has to be brought to life. The apeldoorn-based company has created fascinating solutions that appeal to its customer base time and again.


Fencing, furnishing, decorating – and heating

Poland is a major exporter of wooden garden articles to the European market with Stelmet S.A., based in Zielona Gora, at the head. Supplying gardening centres and DIY stores across Europe, the privately owned, family-managed enterprise offers a wide range of high-quality, FSC-certified wooden products for fencing, furnishing and decorating gardens, parks, balconies or other places that serve recreation and enjoyment. At the same time, it is at the forefront of the energy revolution, using by-products such as wood shavings, chips and sawdust for the production of wood pellets. These serve as environment-friendly fuel for heating and power in private homes and industrial facilities.


Tremendous teamwork

When people with diverse backgrounds work together, the results can be exceptional. A brilliant example of successful teamwork is provided by teamtischer GmbH, a company which even has the team in its name. One of its core competencies is shop design, and its outstanding capabilities in this area are impressively reflected in a unique location rebranding project which included the simultaneous conversion of all of the client’s 300 shops over a single weekend.


High quality interiors for healthcare institutions and retail stores

The commercial interior decorating sector has seen continued growth throughout the recent recession, with commissions from international corporations, larger SMEs and institutions such as healthcare providers supplying major demand for services. In Belgium, as in the UK and other countries, there is also key growth and demand in the hospitality sector, notably in hotels and restaurants. There is increasing appreciation within commercial industries as to how well-planned, comfortable offices and public spaces can affect the ambience and potential productivity of an institution, an appreciation that is also recognized within government institutions. Despite government cutbacks affecting demand from national and local authorities, there is still a need, and legal requirement, to upgrade buildings such as schools and hospitals; interior design and decorating companies need to comply with growing legislation with regards to sustainability, for example, building materials and insulation.


Illuminating public spaces

Let there be light: This illustrious phrase has become a synonym for the range of activities offered by Specilux sarl, headquartered in Versailles. The French company is a manufacturer of illuminants for professional environments, including supermarkets, fashion stores, hotels and restaurants. For more than 20 years, Specilux has supported customers in setting up lights that add value and atmosphere to public interiors.


Bringing space to life

Every day we move through and within a variety of spaces – space in which we live, recreational space, space for work, learning, shopping or to wait. Because different spaces serve different purposes, it only makes sense that they are designed according to their usage. This becomes particularly tricky if the use of a space varies within the day. In Finland, dSign Vertti Kivi & Co in Helsinki is the address to go to when it comes to magnificent, high-quality interior design. Since its foundation, the company has implemented an impressive number of projects, and now the flourishing business is expanding abroad.


Complexity and simplicity

The European furniture industry has a high level of production quality in terms of technical, aesthetic and design aspects. More than 150,000 related companies generated an estimated turnover of 126 billion EUR and employed more than 1.4 million people in 2006. Montana Møbler A/S in Haarby in Denmark is part of this business area. The producer of high-class furniture designs, manufactures and distributes bookshelves, chairs and bathroom collections.


The beauty of a room

A most delicate new shop interior that mirrors the beauty of the products – for its latest store in Marseille, the French luxury brand Longchamp commissioned Réponse Group to develop and implement an interior design concept that made its new outlet sparkle. Réponse Group is the first address to turn to when it comes to developing and managing interior design and development operations for mono- and multi-sites throughout France and beyond.


A breath of fresh air

Air circulation is the key to good air quality. However, in modern, increasingly air-tight buildings, getting fresh air to circulate without compromising energy efficiency requires increasingly advanced technical solutions. One of the leading pioneers in this field is P.Lemmens Company S.A. in Belgium. For the last 30 years, the company has been at the forefront of airflow technology.


Danish bathroom design

Bathroom designers must take many factors into account when creating bathroom furniture that will meet the needs of a typical family bathroom. Attractive design, optimal functionality and maximum storage are the qualities most prized by homeowners, and these are the features that the designers at Danish bathroom supplier Dansani seek to accommodate in the company’s range of contemporary bathroom furniture. It is a design style that is finding favour among customers throughout Northern and Central Europe with further expansion on the cards for the future.


They’ve got it covered

After a series of disappointing summers, Northern Europe has for once basked in sunshine this year. Anyone lucky enough to have their own swimming pool in the garden will have been glad of the opportunity to cool off. But even when the summer is not as warm as this year, it can be worth investing in a pool. With a pool cover from Nivovas Kft keeping the water warm, a refreshing dip can still be enjoyed even if the weather is not pool-perfect.


Italian creativity for all-round shopfitting concepts

Since the turn of the 20th century, the fame of Italian design has grown to heights of class and sophistication. In the ‘60s and ‘70s, interior design reached the pinnacle of stylishness in Italy, and it was at that time that the phrases ‘Bel Designo’ and ‘Linea Italiana’ were coined. Like in decor and furniture design, Italy has also set trends in the industrial sector, for example with Zanussi’s creative fridges and washing machines or Olivetti’s office and electronic equipment designs. Located in Naturns, Italy, Schweitzer Project Spa not only represents the best of Italian design tradition, but also stands for a concept that covers all aspects of shopfitting from the initial idea to the opening day. Successful projects in various European cities confirm the excellent reputation Schweitzer has gained as one of the few businesses in Europe that are capable of serving both the food and the fashion sector, luxury brands and large retail chains.


The House of Villeroy & Boch in Hungary

Villeroy & Boch – the name stands for two families, state-of-the-art bathroom, tile and table design, and true European culture. Founded in 1748, the company has managed to maintain its identity, values and culture over the centuries. At the same time, the ceramic specialist has continuously adapted its technologies, designs and final products to changing trends and market situations. Today, the House of Villeroy & Boch is a comprehensive concept that gives consumers the freedom to create their individual home. Villeroy & Boch Magyarország Kft. based in Hódmezovásárhely in Hungary is one of the company’s production legs. Integrated into the group’s product development and drawing on a fully equipped logistics center, the company is an important pillar of the business.


Profiling your interior

Furniture is part of an overall interior and design concept, expressing lifestyle, status and attitude. Therefore, it has to unite function with design and atmosphere. This is where PROFIL NÁBYTEK from Humpolec, the Czech Republic, comes into the game. The company offers its clients comprehensive solutions that give them competitive advantages.


Designs for a colourful life

Only a few decades ago, public spaces in shopping malls or playgrounds were largely dominated by puristic concrete and metal structures. Over the years, this condition changed. An enterprise from Stockholm in Sweden has contributed to this development: Nola Industrier is a design company that specializes in objects for public spaces and cooperates closely with many freelance designers and artists.