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Industrial Supplies


It is more than standard

It is really standard parts that make all the difference in tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering, even more than special components that get far more attention. When it comes to standard part production, FIBRO France Sarl is the address to turn to in France. As a 100% subsidiary of the global FIBRO group, headquartered in Weinsberg, Germany, the company has emerged as the market leader in standard parts in France. It also offers a range of high-flying rotary tables used in machine tooling and assembly applications.


Products of today for the cars of tomorrow

ACP Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, based in Bad Salzungen, Germany, is a global leader in lanced and stamped core metal inserts for the automotive weatherstripping market. At present, the company focuses on Tier 1 suppliers. Drawing on its own tool shop and an unparalleled level of vertical integration, Managing Director Michael Koch is optimistic that ACP will be able to develop new areas of application in the coming years.


Clockwork precision

Precision and an eye for the tiniest of details: Swiss watchmaking has always been regarded as the supreme discipline in precision mechanics. Its movement blanks for first-class mechanical watches, known the world over, come from Ebauches Micromécanique Precitrame SA in Tramelan, Switzerland. The family company manufactures movement blanks and precision parts for Swiss watchmaking according to customers’ specifications.


A top partner for automotive paint shops

Globalization and increasing environmental awareness are only two of the mega-trends which are influencing the automotive market. In many European countries, the automotive markets have changed completely in recent years. This is also true for France. Between 2004 and today, the number of garages has halved. Spray Gun Import, based in La Chapelle-Saint-Luc, is a respected wholesaler for the automotive aftermarket. One of the company’s flagship products is the SATA paint spraying gun.


Industrial gases: the invisible ingredient in everyday life

In the industrial world, gases play a vital role both in production processes and in the products themselves. Some of them we can see, such as the bubbles in bottled drinks or the airbags in our cars, some are not so obvious, for example those used in textile manufacturing, but are nevertheless critical to the production process. Without gases, almost nothing could be produced and other sectors, for example healthcare, would be far less effective. The Messer Group is one of the world leaders in industrial gases and its subsidiary, Messer Polska Sp. z o.o. has been serving customers in Poland since 1992.


Getting machines into gear

Despite their prevalence in a broad array of applications, not all gears are the same. Some gears prove that they are the result of precision work, and these gears stand the test of time, regardless of the rough conditions in which they are used. Gears from Manoir Engrenages/Manoir Gears® fit this description exactly. The French company supplies the skills to deliver transmission parts for the construction, agricultural equipment and aviation industries.


Task force for aircraft engines

The biggest companies do not always offer the largest advantages. This is particularly true of the aircraft industry where profit is only made when planes are in the air. When it comes to maintenance, competence is, of course, critical but response times and flexibility are also extremely important and smaller specialist companies are often able to respond quicker than the huge concerns. With twenty one staff Central European Engine Services Sp. z o.o. (CEES) is one such example, and prides itself on its ability to offer customers top quality aircraft engine maintenance, repair and overhaul services in Poland, Europe and around the world.


Rollers for a digital world

Machines of every kind play a huge part in our lives and are generally taken very much for granted. Certainly the end user tends to give little thought to how they are made or the individual components involved. For machine manufacturers, however, the quality of the parts can make or break the commercial success of their product, and they take great care to select suppliers with a reputation for quality and innovation in their respective sectors. The Enbi Group, a global concern headquartered in the USA, is a highly rated supplier of rollers and insulation materials for a broad range of demanding applications.


Committed to sustainability

In the networked office, peripheral equipment is no longer standalone but fully integrated in the wider value chain. Photocopiers, printers and scanners have long ceased to be separate entities. In the wider world, access to high image definition and high fidelity sound is no longer restricted to cameras and hi-fi systems but can be recorded on smart phones and tablet computers. Interactive multifunctionality is a trend that is here to stay. One of its pioneers is the Japanese technology firm RICOH Group. The global concern generates a quarter of its annual turnover in the EMEA market and operates five production sites in Europe. One of these is RICOH Industrie France SAS.