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Business Facts Finland: Living and working in Finland

Finland has a good reputation in terms of education and job security. Are you thinking about settling in the country with its beautiful landscape and diverse cultural life? Then you should first consult our business facts on living and working in the country.

3-Account Model: How it works and why it pays

Arguments about money affect even the strongest marriage. But how can you avoid arguing about the daily incomings and outgoings? One possibility is the 3-account model outlined below.

Business Facts Belgium: Living and working in Belgium

When it comes to Belgium, a lot of people immediately think of Brussels and the EU institutions located there. Are you thinking of emigrating to Belgium? Then you should first take a look at our information about living and working there.

Ideas for a successful debut

The perfect opportunity to meet new coworkers and test out the working atmosphere? A debut! When done right, you can add a personal touch from the start and express your excitement about the new job. But when so many expectations are weighing on the event, the question arises: How can you celebrate your debut properly? We have tips and inspiration for you!

Business Facts Hungary – Living and working in Hungary

What country first comes to mind when you think about living elsewhere – France, Spain or Italy? Few people would think of Hungary, although it has a lot to offer. You may be surprised, unemployment is low and there is huge demand for skilled workers.

Business Facts the Netherlands – Living and working in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is small? Far from it. The Kingdom of the Netherlands is made up of the Netherlands and the countries Curaçao, St. Maarten and Aruba, as well as Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba (the Caribbean Netherlands), the special municipalities of the Netherlands. So if you want to live and work in the Netherlands, you’re in for an exciting mix of cultures. However, for our tips regarding entering the country and so on, we refer to the Netherlands only, not the Dutch Caribbean.

What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a term used in psychology to refer to a form of psychological violence and abuse that unsettles, manipulates and deliberately disorientates victims in order to attack their sense of reality.

Compliance: What it is and what it means for our work

Today, compliance is a theme in every company, but employees often do not know exactly what compliance means and what consequences it has for their daily work. In principle, compliance is nothing more than adhering to all the legal requirements of a company.

Staffing: What it is and what you can do about it

Bullying is a big topic in a lot of companies. What is little known, however, is that superiors can also be the victim of bullying attacks by their employees. One term for this special form of bullying is Staffing. At first glance, you would think that the superior would have the upper hand. However, staffing can have unpleasant consequences for both the person affected and the company.

Bossing: What it is and what you can do about it

Bullying is a well-known expression for abuses against employees, but if the boss is also involved, we talk about bossing. It happens unfortunately more often than you’d think. Statistically speaking, a manager is involved in every other instance of bullying. Psychological terror from the top makes work insufferable for the people affected.