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It’s teamwork: Premium IP Management Support


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Market requirements are rapidly changing, especially in the IT sector. “There is hardly any other market segment that is subject to such pressure, and the need to become faster all the time,” says Hans-Jürgen Wels, President of Unycom since 2007. “Industry leaders such as Google and Apple contribute to this development.”

Based on close cooperation with customers, Unycom develops software solutions for IP experts and provides IP management software that enables clients to concentrate on their core business. “We listen to our customers, respond to their needs and control our product development based on their input,” explains the President. “This is how we succeed in meeting complex requirements rather than saying ‘there is nothing we can do about it’.”

Unycom is able to celebrate its 20th anniversary this year – and its development from a small start-up business to a global provider of premium IP Management support. “We rank as Europe’s leader in our sector today, with a dedicated team of 90 and an income of nearly ten million EUR for 2019,” points out Mr. Wels. “Unycom’s four founders launched the first web-based enterprise Intellectual Property Solution in close collaboration with Siemens. A little later, the idea came up to extend this solution to the whole industry. At that time, I joined the company and promoted the aim to turn our IP Management Software into a standard product.”

The following years brought steady growth and increasing demand from major corporations including Evonik, Henkel, Michelin and Philips. “In 2015 we decided to look for support to strengthen our position in Europe and enter the American market. Through ipan, we have become part of the CPA Global Family and doubled our customer base to 50.”

Siemens has been working with the Unycom system for 20 years now. The German-based multinational company has doubled its output of IP-related projects within only five years while saving enormous amounts of time and money. Siemens is a fine example of how the efficiency of IP processes can be improved with the Unycom system, confirms Mr. Wels.

“Every five minutes, Siemens launches an innovation somewhere in the world, and every five minutes inventors need a tool to enter their ideas and workflows. We provide the tools and software required to manage the lifecycle of IP assets – patents, trademarks, designs, and domain names, for instance – and provide portfolio management on customers’ behalf, for example for automotive companies such as Daimler, Pirelli and Peugeot.”

“Within IP management, you need to distinguish between tools for your own and your competitors’ portfolios,” says the President. “Once a patent application is published, third parties may gain an insight. It is necessary to know exactly what you own, to assess and structure your portfolio.”

Thus, IP Portfolios and IP Rights are important aspects of the Unycom software system, along with Ideas & Inventions, Teams & Processes, Communication & Collaboration and General Features such as electronic files, workflow and document management.

We provide the tools and software required to manage the IP lifecycle and provide portfolio management on the customer’s behalf. Hans-Jürgen WelsPresident
Hans-Jürgen Wels

“Under the German Act on Employees’ Inventions, inventors are entitled to award payments that depend on the size of the company,” comments Mr. Wels. “We have the software that defines the set of rules as standard, yet permits their individual application.”

As digital transformation has become reality for Unycom, the company aims to simplify the background processes and global operations. Sustainability and business agility are further challenges Unycom is confronted with in the dramatically changing IT world.

“Providing connections without travel, paperless functions and processes, and extreme flexibility are some of our answers,” says Mr. Wels, who takes personal pride in the company’s success with customers and its contribution to the wealth of the Steiermark region. “We tackle such challenges in a team, true to the motto ‘Our team is our trademark’. We provide job security and all kinds of social benefits, and we want everyone in the company to share the same feeling of responsibility. Our people are welcome to come up with their own ideas and are invited to take part in open space evenings and academies. We want to be the best place to work.”

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