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Business in France


Completing the green circle

Green credentials are increasingly important in a world in which consumers are more aware than ever of the environmental impact of human activity and the effect it has on both human health and the health of the planet we live on. As people wake up to the true cost of cheap food, pressure is growing on the agricultural sector to clean up its act. For French agricultural recycling equipment manufacturer MENART Sprl, this trend means increased investment in the practical alternatives it offers to cut down waste and improve recycling in large scale agricultural practices.


The lab safety alternative

‘Simpler, Safer’: The message is in the motto. It was in 1968 when François-Pierre Hauville created the first ductless fume hood and set up his own business for the design and manufacture of laboratory filtration products. In the meantime, Erlab DFS SAS with its main seat in Val de Reuil, France, has set new standards in its field and has become the global leader in safe and energy-efficient filtered fume hoods, ductless fume hoods and filtered storage solutions.


Putting patients first with effective treatments

Thanks to companies like medac SAS, patients with niche complaints can still look forward to effective treatment and relief for their symptoms. The French sales arm of an independent, German, family-owned pharmaceutical laboratory distributes a range of products that bridge the gap between new developments and generics in medical fields such as rheumatology, oncology, urology, haematology and neurosurgery. By focusing on existing molecules and using them in new ways, medac maximizes the potential for patients to benefit from drugs developed for their needs.


A question of style and tradition

They are veritable hidden gems and hard to find – workshops using traditional methods from the good old days. Rémy Garnier SA from Paris is one of those gems – although not a hidden one. The company masters the art of chiseling and produces decorative period door handles and locks respecting heritage and tradition for historical monuments such as the Palace of Versailles, the Ritz hotel or Hôtel Matignon.


Taking stock of cash flow

Cash flow problems are one of the biggest threats to solvency that small and medium-sized companies face. When a company’s capital is tied up in stock or assets that will not be realized until a point in the distant future, it can threaten the company’s ability to cover immediate day-to-day outgoings or vital investment. Auxiga Group International makes it possible for companies to put up these assets as collateral against bank loans that protect their solvency until a profit can be realized.


3D for affordable dentistry

Dental work, particularly aesthetic treatment, is becoming an increasingly expensive undertaking. Many health insurances specifically exclude dentistry from their standard cover, resulting in patients either taking out supplementary policies or paying for treatment themselves, although in many cases the cost of self-funded dental work is simply too high. French concern Biotech Dental has developed a range of solutions involving digital technology which significantly reduce the cost of materials and offer dentists and laboratories the latest equipment with which to provide their patients the most comfortable and unobtrusive treatment.


Smaller yet better: Connecting electronics

For many years, the philosophy of ‘bigger is better’ could be applied to many products and areas of industry. Today, however, the reverse is often true, particularly in the field of electronics; devices, and consequently their components, are constantly decreasing in size, demanding higher levels of precision and quality. French company Nicomatic SA is a specialist in the field of micro-connectors, and is embracing the trend for miniaturization.


The superpower of paint

When professional painters and decorators swear by a product, you can be sure that it keeps its promises. In the case of Zolpan SAS, a French manufacturer of interior and exterior paints, its promise to customers is encapsulated in the slogan ‘the expertise that changes everything’. For nearly 60 years, it has used its knowledge of paint formulations to create high-performance paints that are easy to apply and offer outstanding and lasting coverage. The latest addition to its extensive range continues a long tradition of innovation. ABYSS is the name it has given to a new paint intended for rooms with high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Vaping the way to a smoke-free future

The rise of e-cigarettes or ‘vaping’ is to be welcomed as studies have shown that the risks of consuming nicotine by inhaling vapours produced by an e-cigarette are much lower than those associated with inhaling the smoke produced by burning tobacco. It was the desire to wean his two sons off smoking that encouraged Didier Martzel to begin his research into e-cigarettes in 2005 and register his first patent for a ‘cigarette substitute’ during that year. Three years were necessary to set up Gaïatrend’s foundation, followed by the launch of its first e-liquid brand named Alfaliquid in 2010, under the aegis of his eldest son, Olivier.


Improving patient treatment

Often the foundation of a company leads to a thriving success when it involves a personal story and the founder himself is driven by passion for his well-aimed vision. This is truly the case with Cair LGL whose founder survived serious illness and knew from his own experience which medical products would best meet patients’ and healthcare professionals’ needs in the fields of infusion, chemotherapy, nutrition and suction. Georges Gaston Lopez, the founder of Cair LGL, experienced from a patient’s point of view how to improve treatment of patients with kindey-failure and make life more liveable in the long run.