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Business in Italy


Discover the sparkle

Prosecco is a famous sparkling wine from Italy, which people often use to celebrate. Prosecco has become famous around the world for its unique sparkle and taste. However, there are significant differences between the qualities of the sparkling Italian wines, depending on its origin. Foss Marai S.P.A. has been producing Prosecco spumante for six generations, with a focus on quality, traditional craftsmanship and passion.


Putting the fizz in Prosecco

Bright, bubbly and easy to drink, Prosecco is the fun, Italian sparkling wine that is perfect for any occasion. In the battle of the fizzes, it has emerged from the shadow of Champagne, its main commercial competitor, with a reputation for both drinkability and quality. With a lower alcohol by volume than other wines, it also meets the trend for lighter drinks. Bacio della Luna Spumanti s.r.l. produces sparkling wines in the heart of the renowned area of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG, a region of protected origin.


Italian tradition meets modernity

A sausage is not just a sausage. Supermarket shelves are stacked high with cured meat products of all types, and consumers seem spoilt for choice. But are they really? There is a world of difference between the mass-produced, low-end discounter products, the taste of which sometimes only bear a passing resemblance to the meat they contain, and the high-quality goods of specialist suppliers such as Salumificio Fratelli Beretta S.p.A., an Italian cured meat producer with an impressive 200-year history, which offers consumers the exquisite experience of cured meat products created in accordance with Italian traditions.


Creative ideas leading to Rome

Marketing agencies are facing great pressure these days – and constant change. At the end of the day, everything is about speaking the language of the customer. This is exactly what Merlo Spa from Rome has been doing for more than 30 years now. The multi-awarded agency is a highly acclaimed player on Italy’s communication and marketing market and event industry.


InterSystems’ connected health solutions enable hospitals to deliver higher value, more sustainable care

InterSystems is a global leader in health information technology. In Italy, InterSystems specializes in the area of healthcare IT, hospital information systems (HIS) and healthcare information exchange (HIE) and offers the following solutions in the Italian market.


Customer-focused transports

When it comes to moving goods long distances, rail transportation is rightly seen as the most environmentally friendly solution. A train pulling 20 wagons can transport the equivalent of 40 lorries’-worth of goods. Every extra wagon pulled by a freight locomotive means several fewer heavy goods lorries on the roads. The environmental aspect is just one of the reasons Stefano Ghilardi, General Director of Pol-Rail S.r.l., a joint venture between the Italian and Polish state railways, believes that greater investment in rail infrastructure is long overdue.


Targeted communications strategies

Good communication is clear, concise and to the point. To be truly effective, it must also be tailored to the message and precisely targeted. The development of effective communications strategies is the core business of Italian marketing company, Address SRL in Milan. The company exudes the dynamic, positive and inclusive vibe that exemplifies the advertising sector. Transparency is the top priority of a company that values a job well done far more than enhancing its bottom line.


Focused on caring

Life expectancy around the world has increased steadily for decades, but increasing age often leads to the loss of mobility, which has a negative impact on the quality of life. People with serious limitations in mobility are less likely to feel happy and content and have fewer social contacts. For this reason, Arjo Italia SpA in Rome offers a broad array of products that help improve the daily lives of people affected by reduced mobility and age-related health issues.


High-tech cancer therapy

When patients are asked what is the worst thing about being unwell, they often say it is the uncertainty that goes with not knowing what is wrong with them. Giving the problem a name, even if it is one as frightening as cancer, gives them a sense of knowing what they are dealing with, and a possible plan of action. For 25 years, Italian company Medipass focused on high-tech diagnostic scanning equipment that allowed patients to put a name to their disease. Over the last ten years, its focus has shifted and it now specializes in the management of the technical equipment used to provide cancer patients and their doctors with an effective therapy.


New generation, new direction

Many family enterprises pride themselves on their long history and their ability to switch seamlessly from one generation to the next, so that customers barely notice the change. Others take the opportunity of a new generation joining the firm to make sweeping changes. PRINZ Beverage & Food S.R.L. in Italy is a perfect example of the latter approach. When Francesco Corsi took over the reigns from his father, he made far-reaching decisions that transformed the company and created a young and go-ahead organization that is well-prepared and ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century.