Precision, Continuity and Passion

Interview with Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining

Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining
Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining

Taking over a family business at the operational level and leading it into a successful future in the long term is a challenge – especially if one must quickly adapt to such a position on short notice. This was exactly the experience of Linus Diener, COO of Diener AG Precision Machining, who was allowed to take over the company ad hoc last year. His recipe for success: His team, continuity, efficiency, and passion.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Diener, your company is an expert in precision manufacturing. What are the main focuses?

Linus Diener: We concentrate on three business areas. One of our important pillars is medical technology. We don’t have our own products in this area but act purely as a supplier. That means we supply OEMs with implants, accessories, and instruments. We differentiate into the segments of dental, trauma, spine, as well as other applications. In addition, we are active in precision mechanics. This involves a lot of analytics, general industry such as valve technology or parts for lithography or the watch industry. Our third area, which we manage with a sister company, is pump technology. Dialysis machines or in vitro diagnostics are just two examples of numerous applications and solutions that we offer as precision pumps. Currently, this area still accounts for about two-thirds of our revenue. However, we would like to expand medical technology and precision mechanics in the coming period, so that we create a good balance between all three areas.

Servants Production Area
An insight into the production
Diener Milling Center
Milling Center

Wirtschaftsforum: What current issues and trends are you dealing with at the moment?

Linus Diener: We are working on optimizing our production processes. We want to preserve the Swiss marketplace and we can only do this with operational excellence by being flexible and highly dynamic, acting and responding, and supporting the market as efficiently as possible.

Wirtschaftsforum: Who are your customers and where do they come from?

Linus Diener: Our customers are mostly market participants. We generate about 70% of our revenue in the DACH region, as many large companies have subsidiaries here. In addition, about 20% come from the NAFTA area, 7% from EMEA and then the rest of the world. We are committed to strengthening the Swiss market in the future and expect the DACH region as a whole to remain an attractive market. But of course, we also go abroad with our customers.

Diener Rotary Systems
The rotary systems at the location in Embrach

Wirtschaftsforum: What do you believe is the reason your customers ultimately choose you over another provider?

Linus Diener: It was often said in the past: If anyone can do it, it's Diener. Indeed, we often come into play when it comes to complex components and processes that need to be manufactured at competitive prices. Our quality management system and the know-how of our people are great assets of our company. Moreover, we stand for continuity. Our customers appreciate that.

Wirtschaftsforum: How do you face the demands for more sustainability?

Linus Diener: We have always advocated for sustainable production out of our own interest. That doesn't need to be mandated to us. We have been investing for years, we have wastewater treatment, recycling, and risk concepts, and produce green energy. We face the issue not just environmentally, but also socially.

Wirtschaftsforum: Mr. Diener, next year your company celebrates its 70th anniversary. What do you think are the reasons for this very long-term success?

Linus Diener: I represent the 3rd generation of our company. We have always provided consistent quality over the decades and have set the highest standards for ourselves. That distinguishes us. Parts that come from our house are recognizable. We always wanted to earn more than just money. Our company has always been our passion.

Wirtschaftsforum: What are your plans for the coming period?

Linus Diener: We have certainly also set concrete sales targets. However, it is very important to me to position ourselves even more strongly as an attractive employer. The battle for talent will be crucial for long-term success in the future. We do a lot of good things, and we will speak more openly about them in the future. The last year was very formative for me personally, as the management had to be reorganized due to unforeseeable circumstances. With the support of all executives, we were able to make a significant contribution to improving the company structure during this time. I naturally want to continue our family business successfully. That's why we will optimize our efficiency. But what is very important to me is that our employees are satisfied with us. We currently have a low turnover rate and I want to keep it that way. One of the most important milestones is that we have steered our company into calmer waters. I want to build and maintain consistency, to give our people security. I am convinced that this will be an important basis for long-term competitiveness and attractiveness as an employer.