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Being seen in the digital world

Interview with Thomas Nuss, CEO, and Tim Christiansen, CRO, of EPROFESSIONAL GmbH

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European Business: EPROFESSIONAL was one of the first companies in the then new discipline of digital marketing. Is that pioneering spirit still in evidence today?

Thomas Nuss: Absolutely. It has to be. Over the past two decades the retail market has been transformed completely thanks to the multiple possibilities offered by ecommerce and online marketing. However, because those possibilities are so wide-ranging, it takes a real understanding of how digital platforms work to get the most out of them. That is where our long experience of growing as a company at the same time as the market comes into play. We now have a team of 150 digital marketing consultants with multi-disciplinary expertise and experience working with the latest analytical tools. This means that we are currently enjoying the strongest growth in our history. 2019 was our best year so far. As well as breaking turnover records, we landed several important new clients, including L’Oréal and DEVK.

European Business: There is a lot of talk about algorithms in relation to digital marketing. Is there a magic formula for a successful strategy?

Thomas Nuss: There is no one-size-fits-all formula when developing a multi-platform digital marketing strategy. Every strategy is tailored to the particular customer and the specific campaign. Our strength lies in developing customised solutions. When it comes to complex projects, we have very strong project management skills that allow us to coordinate successful strategies across very different channels. For example, we use the Google Marketing Platform, which includes tools such as Google Analytics 360 or Search Ads 360. It allows us to connect analytics and advertising data on behalf of our clients to generate more output for them. The Google Marketing Platform is very important for us and our clients and we are one of only a handful of certified resellers in this area.

Tim Christiansen: Our strong customer focus and insider expertise are our key strengths here. These provide a solid foundation, but it is equally important to continue to stay abreast of new developments. We are constantly looking to offer our clients added value above and beyond simply reselling a product. This combination of technical product, consultancy and strategy customisation is what sets us apart and allows us to pitch successfully for the biggest accounts.

European Business: eCommerce has been a lifeline for retailers during the lockdown. How has the coronavirus affected your business?

Thomas Nuss: We have certainly felt the impact of the coronavirus crisis and the accompanying lockdown. It has had a major effect on many of the sectors in which we work such as entertainment, fashion, travel and FMCG. However, these have been areas that have increasingly tuned into the possibilities offered by digital marketing platforms in recent years and this investment is paying off now. For example, the fashion retail sector has long recognised that a combination of bricks and mortar stores and online sales are vital to survival in a competitive market. As the lockdown shifted the ratio in favour of ecommerce, demand for our services increased.

European Business: Where do you think the sector is heading in the future?

Tim Christiansen: The genie is most definitely out of the bottle with regards to online marketing. This is absolutely a growth area for the future; the only question is how it will grow. I believe our role will increasingly involve helping clients enrichen the customer experience that they offer online. As an agency we can offer them the right sounding board to fine tune and expand their online activities. We expect to support their online campaigns, ensure they are set up correctly and act as online inhousing partners.

Company profile

General Information: EPROFESSIONAL stands for Digital Marketing, Technology and Stategic Consulting. Our 150 Hamburg-based Digital Data & Technology Consultants have been partners of strong international brands, leading web portals, high-performance web shops and successful multi chain stores since 1999. We carry out strategic consulting, create individual technical solutions and implement tool stacks. Furthermore, we manage channel specific and overall channel branding and performance campaigns within data driven marketing.

Industry Sectors: FMCG, Communication, Healthcare, Fashion, Finance & Insurance, Entertainment, Mobility, Brands