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Interview with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

Urban Cycling: Getting inspired by the Netherlands

The Dutch Cycling Embassy, a public-private partnership based in Delft, wants to enable cities around the world to learn from the striking example the Netherlands has been setting in urban cycling over the past four decades. But just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither was Amsterdam’s reputation as the world’s most popular place to explore by bike. European Business spoke with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager, about how the Netherlands became the world’s number one cycling country and how other cities can benefit from the cycling experience of the Dutch.

Interview with Mark Cuban, entrepreneur, billionaire, AXS TV-CEO and Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

“A dream came true”

He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time and can look back on special achievements: Mark Cuban. He reveals in the interview, what it feels like for the basketball fan to be the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and what tips he has for other companies.

Interview with Hylke Martens, Data Analyst & Event Manager at Somnox

Better sleep: Cuddling with the robot next to you

We spend almost a third of our lifetime in bed – but not everyone gets the rest they need. Dutch company Somnox has taken a completely new approach to tackling sleeplessness or poor sleep by inventing a sleep robot. Why the sleep robot might be the long-sought solution and how it affects the sleeping routine of couples explained Data Analyst Hylke Martens in an interview with European Business.

Interview with Thomas M. Siebel, founder of C3.ai and Siebel Systems and author

Digital transformation: “Companies need a vision and need to take on the advantage of technologies”

Is your business ready for digitalization? If not, you cannot compete. It is time to start learning now by getting to know the language of digital transformation. In his book “Digital Transformation – Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction” author Thomas M. Siebel reveals guidelines every manager needs to survive the digital age. In our interview, we found out if digital transformation is constantly changing, why managers don’t address that topic as being urgent and if genetically modified citizens are likely in future.

Interview with René Treur, Speaker, Host and Commentator

René Treur: Esports incorporates all that makes traditional sports great

A broken leg in 2003 turned out to be the starting point for a hobby which grew into a company and finally led to a job as a speaker, host and commentator – René Treur’s career is a tale best told by the man himself. European Business talked to him about the rise of Esports, taking selfies on the street and his professional ambitions.

Interview with Oliver Lahode, Managing Director Marketing and Sales at Kuchenmeister GmbH

You can have your cake and eat it

German industrial baked goods manufacturer Kuchenmeister GmbH, pays more than mere lip service to the issue of sustainability. The traditional cake maker believes it is possible to have your cake and eat it if you place sustainable practices high enough on your list of priorities. European Business talked to Managing Director Marketing and Sales Oliver Lahode about how Kuchenmeister is translating its commitment to sustainability into actionable strategies and its approach to the current dietary backlash against sugar and sweet treats. He describes a company that isn’t afraid to take a new look at tradition.

Interview with Wendy van Leeuwen, Co-founder of Secret City Trails

Get in the game: How to playfully discover new cities

Being on holiday is a great way of discovering new cities as well as places you have been to before. The days of carrying a guidebook are over, thanks to the many alternative offers available, like guided walking tours or apps. Secret City Trails is a curated marketplace for city discovery games created by locals. During a game, players solve a trail of riddles via an online web app and explore a new city in a completely different way. You can use the web app in 40 European cities and learn a lot about their culture, history and art. We talked to Co-founder Wendy van Leeuwen about the web app and its benefits, the development of a city game and how to become a developer.

Interview with Klaudia Bachinger, founder of WisR

Out of retirement: How senior talent can help businesses

There is a gap between the economy and society which continues to get larger. While companies are, sometimes desperately, seeking employees, many people leave behind their working life long before the legal retirement age. With her company WisR, Klaudia Bachinger wants to help to close this gap. She explained to European Business how this can be achieved and why it is a win-win for all concerned.

Interview with Rashelle Isip, professional organizer and productivity consultant

“There´s no longer a clear distinction between work and leisure time”

Managing time is very important for your personal and professional life. Time management skills can help you boost productivity and motivation. In her book, “The Order Expert’s Guide to Time Management,” productivity consultant Rashelle Isip provides simple and practical solutions to everyday time management challenges. European Business talked to her about the importance of leisure time, time wasters, and daily time management habits.

Interview with Claus Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH

How to build competitive advantage

It is a pioneer in residential steel construction and one of a handful of companies in the sector offering free, advance services including 3D drawings and calculations. Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH is an Austrian steel and industrial construction firm that covers the entire value chain, from consulting and planning to structural engineering and technical execution. Managing Director Claus Pfeiffer told EUROPEAN business how to build competitive advantage in a challenging sector that is characterized by ever shorter project deadlines and a dramatically growing skills shortage.