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Interview with René Treur, Speaker, Host and Commentator

René Treur: Esports incorporates all that makes traditional sports great

A broken leg in 2003 turned out to be the starting point for a hobby which grew into a company and finally led to a job as a speaker, host and commentator – René Treur’s career is a tale best told by the man himself. European Business talked to him about the rise of Esports, taking selfies on the street and his professional ambitions.

Interview with Wendy van Leeuwen, Co-founder of Secret City Trails

Get in the game: How to playfully discover new cities

Being on holiday is a great way of discovering new cities as well as places you have been to before. The days of carrying a guidebook are over, thanks to the many alternative offers available, like guided walking tours or apps. Secret City Trails is a curated marketplace for city discovery games created by locals. During a game, players solve a trail of riddles via an online web app and explore a new city in a completely different way. You can use the web app in 40 European cities and learn a lot about their culture, history and art. We talked to Co-founder Wendy van Leeuwen about the web app and its benefits, the development of a city game and how to become a developer.

Interview with Klaudia Bachinger, founder of WisR

Out of retirement: How senior talent can help businesses

There is a gap between the economy and society which continues to get larger. While companies are, sometimes desperately, seeking employees, many people leave behind their working life long before the legal retirement age. With her company WisR, Klaudia Bachinger wants to help to close this gap. She explained to European Business how this can be achieved and why it is a win-win for all concerned.

Interview with Rashelle Isip, professional organizer and productivity consultant

“There´s no longer a clear distinction between work and leisure time”

Managing time is very important for your personal and professional life. Time management skills can help you boost productivity and motivation. In her book, “The Order Expert’s Guide to Time Management,” productivity consultant Rashelle Isip provides simple and practical solutions to everyday time management challenges. European Business talked to her about the importance of leisure time, time wasters, and daily time management habits.

Interview with Claus Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH

How to build competitive advantage

It is a pioneer in residential steel construction and one of a handful of companies in the sector offering free, advance services including 3D drawings and calculations. Pfeiffer Bauplanung u. Hallenbau GmbH is an Austrian steel and industrial construction firm that covers the entire value chain, from consulting and planning to structural engineering and technical execution. Managing Director Claus Pfeiffer told EUROPEAN business how to build competitive advantage in a challenging sector that is characterized by ever shorter project deadlines and a dramatically growing skills shortage.

Interview with Philip L. Truelove, General Manager of Robert De Niros´ “The Greenwich Hotel“

Seeing the Statue of Liberty up close is magical

New York is one of the most popular destinations in the world. If you want to give your stay a very special flair, The Greenwich Hotel, whose owners include Robert De Niro, is just right. European Business spoke to managing director Philip L. Truelove about the hotel´s very special style, forms of hospitality and his personal favorite places.

Interview Carsten Nygaard Brøgger, Founder and CEO of CasusGrill

Lowering your carbon footprint when barbecuing

Having a barbecue outside with family and friends is a popular summer activity. You might have used an aluminium portable barbecue to cook your vegetables and meat for this. But there is a problem: it is not sustainable. Danish company CasusGrill has developed a biodegradable 100% natural single-use grill. European Business talked to founder and CEO Carsten Nygaard Brøgger about the advantages of the CasusGrill and found out how you can decrease CO2-emissions.

Interview with Sander Letema, Co-Founder of Infento

Let your children become creators, not consumers

Why buy a ride when you can build one yourself – and foster your children’s engineering skills in the process? That’s the idea behind Infento: The Dutch company manufactures and sells kits from which children ages two and up and their parents can build actual rides. European Business spoke with Infento’s co-founder Sander Letema about the rave response his product garnered from customers and Kickstarter investors, the importance of engineering skills for succeeding in the jobs of the 21st century and why children’s shorter attention spans are no problem for Infento’s ride kits.

Interview with Linda Nordgren, Communication Manager at Oatly

Drinking oat milk – a better choice for health and climate

Are the days of drinking cows’ milk coming to an end? Plant-based alternatives are currently gaining a lot of attention and importance. The Swedish brand Oatly is known worldwide for its oat milk. Only a few years ago, it conquered the US-market and launched a post-milk trend. We spoke with Communication Manager Linda Nordgren about the differences between oat milk and cows’ milk, the health benefits of consuming oat milk and sustainability.

Interview with Clyde Drexler, Basketball legend, NBA-Champion, Entrepreneur and Commissioner of the BIG3

Future of BIG3 basketball: The sky is the limit

Interview with Clyde Drexler, Basketball legend, NBA-Champion, Entrepreneur and Commissioner of the BIG3