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10 workplace lies which we have all told

We all tell fibs every day. Generally, our intention is not malicious, but an attempt to make a situation easier for all concerned. Many lies concern our work and our relationships with our boss and our colleagues. You have almost certainly used some of the following fibs.

10 tips for commuters: How to use your time optimally and stay relaxed

For many people, the way to work is connected with a longer commute. Depending on how you travel, it can sometimes end in stress. We’ve put together a few tips for all modes of transportation so that you can use the commute to and from work optimally and at the same time stay relaxed in the commuter chaos.

10 myths about careers

The topic of careers keeps us all busy. There are incredibly many myths about what you should do, what will hurt you and what will boost your career. Don’t stand in your own light and believe everything you read or hear. Be aware of what will help you and your career. Our tips are sure to help as we clear up myths regarding careers.

9 things that are normal in Poland but seem weird elsewhere

Typical Polish behavior might seem weird to other Europeans at some point. We have summarized 9 things that are normal in Poland but seem weird elsewhere. Have you ever celebrated your name day? Typowe polskie zachowanie może w pewnym momencie wydawać się dziwne dla innych Europejczyków. Podsumowaliśmy 9 rzeczy, które są normalne w Polsce, ale gdzie indziej wydają się dziwne. Czy kiedykolwiek świętowałeś imieniny?

Learning how to say “No”

A “No” is unpleasant. For both sides. You don’t want to leave your coworker or superior in the lurch, yet you have to draw a line. As soon as you can no longer finish your work, you have to pull the brake and say “No” – for the sake of your health as well as the company. We have a few suggestions for learning how finally to say “No”.

7 tips for a perfect break

The working day presents many challenges. To deal with these anew, every day, takes strength and concentration. Most of this strength is generated in your midday break, and it is therefore extremely important to integrate this break into your working day. During this time, you should particularly focus on your own needs. We have collated seven tips for a perfect break.

9 sentences that a boss should never say

We communicate a lot in our everyday working lives – with colleagues as well as with staff. As a manager, however, there are several sentences you should avoid so as not to offend your employees. We’ve put together a few things that you should never say as the boss.

8 No-gos in the home office

The desire to telework is growing among many workers, and more and more companies are offering them the opportunity to work from home. Depending on the sector and area of responsibility, a home office makes sense. Nonetheless, there are several no-gos in the home office that you should avoid so you don’t risk your job.

10 tips for using your to-do list right

You have a to-do list and still have the feeling that you’re not making progress with your work?

6 qualities of a good boss

Good bosses, at least in our perception, are unfortunately hard to find. Bad bosses, it seems, are more often the case. There are several qualities that almost each of us has per se. Therefore, it isn’t all that difficult to be or become a good boss. We’ve put together 6 qualities of a good boss.