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BookBeat announces 150,000 paying audio book subscribers

Strong growth for the audio book streaming service BookBeat: The number of subscribers increased considerably in the Swedish, German and Finnish markets in 2018 and is now around 150,000 paying users. This is equivalent to a growth rate of 163% compared to December 2017. Development accelerated especially in the second half of the year: An average of 11,000 new customers opted for BookBeat’s services each month.

The Swedish market is still BookBeat’s largest; however, Finland is catching up quickly and is recording the largest customer growth in absolute terms. “We really had great momentum in 2018,” confirms Niclas Sandin, CEO of BookBeat. “Whereas growth had stagnated somewhat after the summer months in the first two years since our launch, in this, our third year, it continued and remained very strong until the end of the year. In the days following Christmas alone, we grew by more than 1,000 customers!”

Germany is considered BookBeat’s newest market. It has been developing very successfully since September 2017: “We used the first year of our business activities here intensively to test and learn. Our marketing campaigns have been proving more and more effective. In 2019, we will build on this experience and continue expanding our marketing significantly.” Sandin assumes that BookBeat will grow even more in absolute terms in 2019 than in 2018, with Germany as the largest growth driver.

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Source: MyNewsDesk

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