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First successful year with OJ’s Customer Education Centre

First successful year with OJ’s Customer Education Centre

As 2012 gradually draws to an end, so too does the first year of OJ’s Customer Education Centre, where OJ Electronics provides training for our OJ-Air2 customers.

During the autumn of 2011, a training concept was prepared, resulting in a 200-page manual available in English, German and Danish.

In February 2012, registration was opened via our market department for the first OJ-Air2 training courses to be held at the Customer Education Centre.

Already during the first week of registration, we experienced such massive demand for OJ-Air2 training that three additional courses had to be quickly organised.

The courses were established because OJ Electronics wanted to offer its customers structured training in the installation and use of OJ-Air2.

As OJ-Air2 is a fairly complex product from a technical point of view, it is necessary to get to know the product in order to gain the full benefit of its features.

The courses are usually conducted in our exclusive training facilities at our headquarters in Sønderborg, but can also be held at the customer’s by agreement.

The courses are held in English, German and Danish language.

The success will be continued in 2013, when we will again offer courses in the installation and use of OJ-Air2 system.

Courses will be held in 2013 as follows:

• March 27. & 28. 2013, Danish
• April 16. & 17. 2013, English
• May 7. & 8. 2013, German

You can hear more about the training courses from your export manager or by sending an e-mail to the Customer Education Center at cec@oj.dk.

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