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Paving the way for electric mobility


“We focused on combining cars with electricity as it was a completely new field, an exciting opportunity,” explains Mr. Harder-Lauridsen. “In a project we tested electric cars and collected a huge amount of data showing that, if electric cars were to be a success, we urgently needed a public charging system. Fast charging is required, and we found investors who enabled us to develop a solution.”

Clever developed a charging station that is safe, convenient and fast, greatly reducing charging times. For use at home or in a network, Clever charging stations come with a payment system.

“We offer a charging solution where whatever amount customers need, they pay a monthly flat rate of 80 EUR,” states Mr. Harder-Lauridsen. “Our charging system was an immediate success. Municipalities are our main customer group, followed by companies and private customers. We help car dealers sell electric cars, and we also supply leasing companies, allowing them to lease out electric cars with charging equipment.”

Today, Clever has more than 500 charging spots across Denmark. “We are the market leader in Denmark,” states Mr. Harder-Lauridsen. “However, there are just 12,000 electric cars – not enough for our model. We have not eached the break-even point yet. We have started export to Sweden, and now we are the market leader there. We want to take the concept to other countries, too.”

With a staff of 30 in Denmark and ten in Sweden, Clever focuses on research and development, marketing and communication, and making sure that the system works. Clever continues to pursue its successful approach of focusing on car brands and car dealers to market the products and services, a sound basis for future growth.

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