Change is in the wind


The energy sector touches everyone – consumers, industry and politics. Climate change and environmental protection are the factors driving a change of direction in our attitude to power generation. As a result, wind and solar power are booming but can they satisfy our insatiable desire for energy?


New approaches to healthcare

Health & Medical

You cannot put a price on good health. Nevertheless, the global health sector is a multibillion-dollar business that will certainly grow further as western populations continue to age. Meeting the health challenges of the future will require innovative thinking and new approaches from companies with the vision to put them into action.


Broaden your horizons – expand your mind


Tourism is the new consumerism. Experiences are taking the place of material possessions as the top priority for millennials. But cash-rich baby boomers are also travelling more than ever before. From basic to luxurious and every point in between, the choice of destinations, accommodations and activities has never been more diverse or innovative.


Company of the month

hülsta-werke Hüls GmbH & Co. KG

Home is where hülsta is

Defining innovation. Excellent craftsmanship. Sleek durability. These are phrases that easily describe hülsta, a premium-quality furniture manufacturer based in the northern German city of Stadtlohn. Founded in 1940, hülsta turned its humble origins as a carpentry business into a modern production plant that provides its customers with attractive, creative solutions for living and sleeping. hülsta draws upon a variety of sources for inspiration to maintain the highest of standards, consistently deliver fresh ideas to its customers and uphold a reputation that is synonymous with superiority.


Italy 2017

In this issue: Grey Mer S.r.l. - Luxury at your feet / Selle Royal Group Head Office - Facilitating the cycling lifestyle / Ospedale Pederzoli SpA - From nursing home to hospital / Foruminvest Italia Srl - Investing in Italian shopping

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