Change is in the wind


The energy sector touches everyone – consumers, industry and politics. Climate change and environmental protection are the factors driving a change of direction in our attitude to power generation. As a result, wind and solar power are booming but can they satisfy our insatiable desire for energy?


New approaches to healthcare

Health & Medical

You cannot put a price on good health. Nevertheless, the global health sector is a multibillion-dollar business that will certainly grow further as western populations continue to age. Meeting the health challenges of the future will require innovative thinking and new approaches from companies with the vision to put them into action.


Broaden your horizons – expand your mind


Tourism is the new consumerism. Experiences are taking the place of material possessions as the top priority for millennials. But cash-rich baby boomers are also travelling more than ever before. From basic to luxurious and every point in between, the choice of destinations, accommodations and activities has never been more diverse or innovative.


Company of the month

Kleiderkreisel GmbH

Second-hand fashion is first choice

Sustainability is much more than just keeping our environment clean. Sustainability is a holistic lifestyle concept embracing values, attitude towards people and nature, and is relevant to all kinds of goods which are subject to a life cycle process. Sustainability is at the core of Kleiderkreisel GmbH based in Berlin. Its online marketplace for second-hand fashion has become a must not only for environmentally aware fashionistas, but also five million young women in Germany. CEO Justas Janauskas is convinced he can transfer this concept to new markets in the coming years.


European Business

Health & Medical Special 1/2017

In this issue: Omnicell, Inc. - Automation for better care / Accuray Europe SAS - Improving life for cancer patients / Bomi Italia S.p.A. - Handling health around the world / Getinge Group - The human face of healthcare

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