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Interview with Johannes Prüller, Head of Global Communications & Insights at kununu GmbH

Get staff surveys at the push of a button

Two million reviews of 500,000 companies – these impressive figures stand for Europe’s largest employer rating platform: kununu. Headquartered in Vienna, the company was founded in 2007 and has developed rapidly since then. Johannes Prüller, Head of Global Communications & Insights at kununu GmbH, took part in a Q&A with European Business. He thinks, in times social media, it is highly risky for employers to ignore reviews on kununu.

Interview with Valentin Storz, General Manager of Stratasys GmbH, MakerBot Division EMEA

A passion for printing

3D printing is a booming business and has garnered a lot of attention in recent years. The market is expected to grow significantly as it opens many promising opportunities in various fields of application. Prototyping, product development and innovation are the three most common reasons for companies to pursue 3D printing. MakerBot EMEA, based in Rheinmünster in Baden-Württemberg, embodies highly advanced 3D printing solutions that are versatile, reliable and easy to use. General Manager Valentin Storz spoke with European Business about how the company’s 3D printing solutions close the gap between ideas and innovation.

Interview with Patrick Brechtbühl, Sales Director of SOMATRA S.A.

Busy beavers in freight-forwarding

As a family company in the field of freight forwarding, SOMATRA S.A. in Switzerland brings 60 years of experience to the job of moving things from A to B. As an actor on the international stage, it also knows that the process of moving something from A to B is not quite as direct and uncomplicated as that description might imply. European Business spoke with Sales Director Patrick Brechtbühl about the advantages of personal contacts and why the company mascot is a water-dwelling rodent.

Interview with Willem Sodderland, Founder and CEO of Seamore

Seaweed could become a key source of food for humanity

The food on our table is ready for an upgrade – at least according to Willem Sodderland, founder of the Dutch company Seamore. His suggestion? Present seaweed as healthy and sustainable alternatives to foods we already know and love, like pasta, bacon and soon wraps and bread. We spoke with Mr. Sodderland about the benefits which widespread use of such a nutrient-dense product could have for our planet, how seaweed is being farmed for commercial use and his optimism for the future growth of this niche market.

Interview with Oliver Gloden, Speaker of the Management Board of Schloss Wachenheim AG

Sparkling success stories

They pair with just about everything from sushi to steak, and they go especially well with parties: bubbles. Champagne and sparkling wines are associated with good moods, fine times and happy experiences. A glass of bubbles is simply perfect to celebrate the special moments in life. Schloss Wachenheim AG in Trier is an expert when it comes to the culture of sparkling. European Food spoke with the company, one of the oldest and most traditional sparkling wine producers in Germany – and one of the most open-minded and innovative ones.

Interview with Chris Bruntlett, Marketing & Communications Manager of the Dutch Cycling Embassy

Urban Cycling: Political will is necessary to succeed

What does the future of urban mobility look like and what about the recent e-scooter trend? Chris Bruntlett, the Dutch Cycling Embassy’s Marketing & Communications Manager talked to European Business about these questions and other aspects of urban mobility.

Interview with Stephanie Rist, Hotel Director at Hotel Post Bezau by Susanne Kaufmann

Getting to the essence of luxury

In 2019 the Hotel Post Bezau in Austria received many awards underlining its outstanding position in the world of hospitality. The last year marks also a new entrepreneurial beginning. European Business talked to Hotel Director Stephanie Rist about the new concept and why less is really more.

Interview with Sarah Lucas, Head of Strategy & Communications at Mosa Meat

Cattle are the least efficient links in meat production

The future of meat might be found in its meatless production. What sounds contradictory at first, might actually be a solution to the problems generated by extensive livestock farming all over the world. Danish company Mosa Meat has been working on cultured meat for years and now strives to upscale its production in the intermediate future. Sarah Lucas, Head of Strategy & Communications at Mosa Meat, talked to European Business about entrepreneurial challenges and gut reactions towards "lab meat".

Interview with Peter Guse, CEO of Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH

“We don’t look for hype which is perhaps profitable in the short term”

When start-ups meet large corporates, it is reminiscent of David and Goliath. The differences could hardly be greater, yet they can be beneficial for both. How that can work is clearly demonstrated by Robert Bosch Start-Up GmbH through its platform, grow. European Business spoke with CEO Peter Guse about the role of grow within the Bosch Group, what makes German terms such as ‘Heimat’ so special, and why start-ups are more than just a nice add-on for large concerns.

Interview with Olivier Somville, CEO of Octopus Robots S.A.

Robotics for barns

Robots are among the most important developments in human history. They have replaced humans in different repetitive or dangerous tasks and can offer various benefits thanks to their advanced technology. Octopus Robots S.A. based in holet, France, is a leading company, providing intelligent and innovative robots.

Interview with Jona Christians, Founder and CEO of Sono Motors GmbH

Range anxiety – a common prejudice

How can long charging cycles be avoided and the range of electric vehicles extended? The Munich-based company Sono Motors wants to solve the problem by using integrated solar power modules. European Business spoke to Founder and CEO Jona Christians about his innovative vehicle, the advantages of cooperation with established players – and the conscious decision not to jump immediately on the self-driving bandwagon.

Interview with Monja Mühling, Co-founder of Smartlane

Optimizing logistics? The greatest inefficiency is to do things the same way as ever

Monja Mühling wants to make logistics smart: Completely automated, an algorithm calculates the best routes and generates an ideal allocation of assignments for drivers accordingly. Her company, Smartlane, wants not only to shorten its clients’ journeys, but also contribute to an improvement in service quality for end customers. Monja Mühling spoke to European Business about the biggest efficiency-killers in logistics, the role of diversity in her company, and how much the parcel service of tomorrow will have in common with that of today.

Interview with István Tóth, Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft.

Home is where the hearth is

There is something primeval and comforting about a real fire that means people continue to install wood-burning stoves in their homes, even though their heating needs are now more likely covered by a central heating system. Stoves are now regarded as a decorative add-on rather than a primary heat source and this change in perception presents stove manufacturers with new challenges. Managing Director of Váll-Ker Kft., István Tóth, talks about why, at 72, he is still happy to go to work.

Interview with Lasse Rheingans, Managing Director of the Rheingans Digital Enable agency

“Things that become a burden are delegated. Often, unfortunately, to the wrong person”

Lasse Rheingans, Managing Director of the Rheingans Digital Enabler agency, undertook a bold experiment. While still paying them a full salary, he reduced the working hours of his entire workforce from eight to five hours a day; the idea was that, during these hours, employees would remain highly concentrated and work without being disrupted by breaks. European Business spoke with Mr. Rheingans about the findings of his experiment, the demands of the workplace of tomorrow, and the challenges of digital transformation.

Interview with Zoltán Sólyom, CEO of ZOLEND Kft

Engineered for growth

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely undertaking without someone to share the stresses and pressures of building up a successful business. For childhood friends Zoltán Sólyom and Endre Zsigmond, the ability to share the decisions and management burden has allowed them to take the company they started in a garage in 2009 and build it into a thriving machine-building business with 160 employees and annual turnover of eight million EUR. European Business spoke to CEO Zoltán Sólyom about what motivates him to strive for even greater success.

Interview with Nina Müller, Company Manager of CHRIST Uhren & Schmuck AG

Small moments, great memories: A lifelong companion

From fashionable accessories to premium jewellery and Swiss made watches, CHRIST Switzerland has them all. Switzerland’s largest jeweller stands for expertise over generations and its 70 stores all over the country speak for themselves. However, even well-established companies with long-standing traditions such as CHRIST face new challenges in these increasingly fast-paced times and markets. Despite a challenging market situation Christ is standing tall as the constant companion it has always been.

Interview with Joanna Kirk, Co-Director of StartHer

Encouraging a more inclusive approach on technology

Support of women in start-ups and technical trades and an extended offer of equal opportunities to both sexes in the sector – that is what the France-based organization StartHer put on its agenda. Co-Director Joanna Kirk talked in an interview with European Business about the fact that men are part of the solution and the way to the future must be shared.

Interview with Kaarel Holm, founder and CEO of MeetFrank

Make a move in the job market without having to take a risk

Have you ever heard of Frank? He is the guy who will help you to find your perfect job and supports companies their search for the most suitable candidates. Frank is an integral part of the MeetFrank App and after initial success in Estonia, the company has now entered Germany, its largest market yet. European Business spoke with MeetFrank’s founder and CEO Kaarel Holm about the benefits of anonymity when seeking a new position, the reasons for Estonia’s enormous success as a start-up hub and why he believes that the current labor market is an employee’s paradise.

Interview with Alexandre de Malet Roquefort

La Connivence, or the art of upholding traditions

Alexandre de Malet Roquefort, a descendant of a great family that has lived in Saint Émilion since the 18th century, nowadays represents the young generation of winemakers, combining tradition and innovation. In this spirit of “sharing”, Alexandre and his friends decided to produce a new vintage wine on one of the most renowned wine-growing estates in France. European Food contacted this lover of wines in order to learn more about the history and conditions of making a French Grand Cru.

Interview with Clyde Drexler, Basketball legend, NBA-Champion, Entrepreneur and Commissioner of the BIG3

Transferring a concept from the street on indoor floors – fascinating for fans and players

Only six players in the team, one coach and no need to beat the time but scoring 50 points first – that is what 3-on-3 basketball is about. Founded in 2017 by hip hop musician Ice Cube and entertainment executive Jeff Kwatinetz, the BIG3 basketball league attracts millions of basketball fans in the USA and beyond. We talked to former basketballer Clyde Drexler and now BIG3 Commissioner about what makes 3-on-3 basketball so special, why fans are fascinated and how it is to work with founder Ice Cube.