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Let us entertain you

The arts have a special way of bringing people from many different cultures and tastes together. Arguably, one of the best arts that builds a sense of togetherness is music. Attending a concert with family, friends or business contacts will surely create a lasting memory. The Sportpaleis Group, headquartered in Merksem, offers customers eight different venues in four cities. These venues range from smaller theaters that host dramatic productions for 1,000 visitors up to large halls that can house 18,000 people and play host to global superstars and large sporting events.


Taking care of stress at work

Work-related stress is a major variety of stress and has escalated progressively in recentt years. Unfair treatment at work, unmanageable workloads, a lack of support, bullying, unreasonable deadlines – there are many different reasons why more and more are people getting sick at work. French Psya Groupe in Puteaux near Paris is an expert when it comes to unhealthy work-related stress and knows how to deal with its consequences.


Skills and personality for success

The need for good people is higher than ever before. They are the basis for the success of a company. For this reason, human resources has become an important part of the strategy of every successful business. Intys HR S.A. based in Brussels is an HR specialist focusing on operational consulting and people development.

Interview with Oleg Stavitsky and Vlad Pinskij, Founders of Endel

A subconscious soundtrack for your life

Endel has recently made headlines, when the app’s founders signed a deal with Warner Music to release more than a dozen albums this year, even though they wouldn’t call their service music. Instead, they prefer the term “functional sound”, which, when played in the background, helps its users relax, sleep or focus. European Business spoke with the company’s founders Oleg Stavitsky and Vlad Pinskij about the thin line between science and art, their ambition to use big data to improve their users’ lives and not sell them ads, and why their service has garnered much greater traction abroad than in the company’s native Germany.


Paying more than lip service to big data

Today, the terms big data and artificial intelligence are on everyone’s lips, however, the proportion of companies that truly use the insights and advantages big data can confer to inform their strategic planning is still relatively small. Most pay mere lip service to the trend by buying the relevant software and equipment but then failing to interpret and analyze the resulting data correctly. Founded in Paris in 2006 by four university friends, Ekimetrics was set up with the aim of bringing big data to the front office. The intention was to gather information that could be used as the basis for effective market strategies.


Growth enabler

A recruitment consultancy bridges the gap between employee and employer. It helps companies find the right candidate for a vacant position and thus, in the ideal case, enables both to grow. This, in combination with HR consultancy and talent management, is exactly this philosophy that forms the business model of Finders SA. The Swiss company has a highly committed team, listens to its clients and uses the latest tools.


For unique brand moments

The moment is everything for marketing specialist Uniplan. Its metier is the creative and the delivery of spectacular brand experiences; its drive is to embody the multidisciplinary nature of today’s creative industry. The new purpose ‘All for the moment’ encapsulates an approach that brings people to the fore. Each project should appeal to and be put in motion by people.


The digital marketer’s handbook

When looking for a new product or service, around 80% of potential customers consult a search engine first. According to SEO experts, if your company is not on the first results page, you are nowhere. But digital marketing is about more than just gaming SEO algorithms. Italian expert Sembox S.r.l. brings a whole other box of tricks to the table.


Concentration of competence

They are true European superheroes – small and medium-sized companies, companies with 5 to 250 employees. Compared to other European countries Italy has a high rate of SMEs for its level of industrialization. However, there are difficulties in being small. AVM Gestioni brings SMEs together, aims to join forces to enhance their competitiveness.

Interview with Els van der Helm, Sleep expert and co-founder of Shleep

The importance of sleep: Why sleep deprivation is reaching epidemic levels

Do you sleep seven to nine hours per night, as recommended? If you sleep less than six hours per night you have a problem. Sleep deprivation is a widespread problem all over the world. European Business talked to sleep expert Els van der Helm about the importance of sleep, what employers can teach their employees and how you can be sure you get a good night’s sleep.


Mastering SAP in digital transformation

For countless companies worldwide, one software solution has been an absolute godsend: SAP. It structures and streamlines company processes, no matter the area of business or the size of the company. Due to SAP’s market presence over the last four decades, other companies have been developing in line with it to support SAP users with advice and customized solutions. One such company is 2BM A/S, headquartered in Copenhagen. Since its establishment in 2000, 2BM has grown to become the largest privately owned SAP consulting business in Denmark, but SAP is not the only feather in 2BM’s cap.