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Food & Drinks

Interview with Linda Nordgren, Communication Manager at Oatly

Drinking oat milk – a better choice for health and climate

Are the days of drinking cows’ milk coming to an end? Plant-based alternatives are currently gaining a lot of attention and importance. The Swedish brand Oatly is known worldwide for its oat milk. Only a few years ago, it conquered the US-market and launched a post-milk trend. We spoke with Communication Manager Linda Nordgren about the differences between oat milk and cows’ milk, the health benefits of consuming oat milk and sustainability.

Interview with Tom Szaky, founder of Terracycle and Loop

Worldwide waste crisis... Because we are too convenient

Waste is everywhere and unfortunately, we cannot avoid producing even more. But it is time for a change, we are facing a worldwide waste crisis. US-company Loop has a solution: a global shopping platform to eliminate waste by transforming the packaging of everyday products into multi-use designs. We talked to founder Tom Szaky about the new service and hygienic standards coming along with it as well as his vision of a waste-free future.


Fancy zucchini or zoodles?

In the world of food, trends are often short-lived. Over recent years, we have seen a wide range of trends reflecting changing attitudes towards health, ethical issues and the environment. There is no doubt; the food future will be dominated by a veggie-centric cuisine. Emilia Foods Srl in Modena is one of the preferred suppliers of some of the most important U.S retailers, and will benefit from this trend. The Italian company is a specialist when it comes to trendy food – and has long become a trendsetter itself.


The fast track to tasty fish

Too much to do and no time to cook: most of us experience this feeling from time to time. Lack of time is no reason, however, not to enjoy a tasty and nutritious meal. Medi S.r.l., based near Rome, specializes in high-quality, pre-prepared fish dishes, vegetable accompaniments and sauces, which are ready to eat in just a few minutes.


From field to table

Farming to sustainable standards, storage, and trading, as well as sugar, oil, grain and flour production, pig farming and meat manufacturing: When it comes to agriculture and agricultural products, it is hard to beat Žito d.o.o. in Croatia. The group of companies has become a synonym for food manufacturing in the Balkan country, and it is about to conquer the markets beyond its frontiers. The leading food manufacturer is eager to establish the Žito group as a platform for the food industry in the region. Its set-up and its foundation is really unique in the market.


Twinned for a savoury experience: beer and cheese in the Trappist tradition

Unequal twins they may be, yet they are exceptionally well suited. The Trappist beers and cheeses produced by Bières de Chimay SA from Baileux at the Abbaye de Scourmont yield a perfect combination of flavours. Made in the true Trappist tradition, they are also very enjoyable on their own, of course, and a great success with connoisseurs in Belgium and abroad. In fact, foreign demand has been going up continuously and raised exports to more than 50% of all sales, documenting the world’s taste for this savoury experience.


Allergen-safe, worry-free spices

One thing guaranteed to harm a food manufacturer’s business above all else is a succession of product recalls. Almost 70% of recalls are caused by the incorrect labelling of allergens in raw ingredients or blends in the supply chain, an error that can prove extremely costly. Dutch Spices BV produces herbs and spices, primarily for the food industry, and is recognized as a pioneer in outstanding allergen management – correct labelling and the prevention of cross-contamination in production, transport and storage.

Interview with Julian Lechner, founder and CEO of Kaffeeform

Kaffeeform: Turning coffee grounds into a commodity

Coffee mugs from used coffee grounds: Behind this lies more than just a clever product idea, namely the claim to be making a valuable contribution to environmental protection by making use of a problematic waste resource. European Business spoke with Julian Lechner, founder and CEO of Kaffeeform, about his environmental ambitions, the technological challenges he faced in the development of the product and the various target groups he wants to address.

Interview with Lukas Bosch, Co-Founder of HOLYCRAB!

Berlin Lobster: A plague turned into a delicacy

Especially when it rains, the Berliners see them occasionally wandering on the streets and through parks: the swamp crayfish. The start-up HOLYCRAB! has caught the plagues and put them in the cooking pot. The result is delicious. Juliane Bublitz and Lukas Bosch, partners and co-founders of HOLYCRAB!, talk with European Business about the sustainable use of these unpleasant fellows, a potential extension to other plagues and how the idea for the start-up came about.