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A company comes clean

Cleaning products play a pivotal role in our daily lives. Soaps and detergents are essential to personal and public health. As they safely and efficiently remove dirt, germs and other contaminants, they help us to remain healthy and make our surroundings more pleasant. I.C.E. FOR SpA looks back on almost 30 years of experience in manufacturing detergents, cleaners, emulsions, waxes and disinfectants that are used in households and professional environments. They all meet the highest quality and environmental standards.


French excellence in perfume creation

With around 50,000 inhabitants, the city of Grasse, France, may not seem like a typical capital city. However, it is acknowledged as the world capital of perfumes. As the setting of the novel “Das Parfüm” (“Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”) by Patrick Süskind, the city became known worldwide. Indeed, Grasse is the cradle of many globally leading perfume producers. One of them is the Groupe ARTHES, the French leader in the mass market sector. In the coming years, ARTHES aims to enhance its international market position and open up new markets. Growth through private label production will be another key issue.


Readers, listen!

In Europe, book clubs have a long tradition. Due to digital transformation and the increasing importance of e-commerce, clubs are rethinking their strategies. France Loisirs Suisse Sàrl, based in Lausanne, is taking the changing market conditions into account with its new platform Chapitre.ch. Launched only recently, Chapitre.ch wants to become the market leader for the French-speaking part of Switzerland. The platform is attractive for both the company’s existing members and for new customers who do not want to join a club.


Eternally good taste

Cutlery is just as much a part of a well-laid table as the dinner service. While silver or even gold-plated cutlery was once the pinnacle of luxury, stainless steel is now the material of choice, even at the premium end of the market. Belgian cutlery manufacturer Eternum SA has been making high-quality stainless steel cutlery for over 90 years and is one of the leading players in a competitive market. This year, the company moved to larger premises on the outskirts of its hometown of Gembloux, marking the latest in a series of moves and expansions that reflect the strong growth of the family-owned company over the past nine decades.


Fishing for global growth

How to make a successful company even more prosperous – this is a question posed by the management of profitable concerns around the world looking to take their firm’s development to the next level. Often the answer is to connect with a larger, international group to leverage its products, markets and financial strength. This was exactly the strategy of fish feed specialist Coppens International B.V. in the Netherlands, which was acquired in June 2016 by Alltech, a hugely successful international corporation in the field of animal nutrition, a move which is set to benefit both the business and its customers.


See the world in colour

One of the biggest expenses in an office is the outlay required for copying and printing. Original manufacturer’s parts and supplies tend to be the most expensive, which is why many companies look for cheaper alternatives. Competition is intense, and there is also added pressure on suppliers as the effects of the paperless office are being felt on their trade. The American company Katun Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of OEM-compatible aftermarket supplies and parts for photocopiers and printers. Katun EDC B.V. is responsible for sales in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.


Making up the secret of self-esteem

The beauty business is all about helping people to feel better about themselves. New make-up, or a skin or hair care product can help lift people and raise their self-esteem. L’Oréal Nederland B.V., a subsidiary of the global L’Oréal Group, fulfils its customers’ needs, both through its vast product range and its engagement in technological developments and social issues which are important to end-users and also impact their purchasing decisions.


A green bag at your disposal

As recycling and renewable energy sources continue to rise in popularity, the need to be smarter with waste comes into clearer focus for many consumers. Many people do not just recycle; they think about what happens further down the line. The Compost Bag Company NV, located in Belgium, helps environmentally conscious individuals be more involved with ‘going green’. The company sells compostable and renewable bags, liners, concepts and other products that help us to reduce our global carbon footprint and feel good about taking a step towards making the environment safer and healthier for everyone.


Connecting the world beyond phones

Just ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable to carry a calculator, a camera, a flashlight, a game console and a telephone around with you, but modern smartphones allow users to take all these devices and many more with them at all times. The market for smartphones is enormous and has expanded to include power banks, headphones and earbuds, and protective cases. Bigben Connected is the French market leader for smartphone accessories and other connected products, some of which are produced domestically.


The latest flush for the toilet

Long gone are the days of cold covered sewers, and even the sight of ordinary flush toilets seems set to become a relic of the past – modern technology does not stop at the bathroom door. Regiplast has its finger on the pulse and has taken a leading role in France when it comes to the design and distribution of sanitary equipment. Its wide range of toilet cisterns, lids, bowls and plumbing accessories is the subject of constant innovation.


Standing on safety and quality

More accidents happen in the home than anywhere else and about 6,000 people die each year as a result. Many of these incidents occur when people are doing general home maintenance with ladders. This is why it is extremely important not only to use ladders correctly, but to make sure you own a ladder that is one of the safest on the market. Telesteps AB, headquartered in Sweden, offers a safe, durable and reliable ladder for the home and office. The company refuses to compromise on safety and quality because it knows how important it is to sell a product people can depend on.


A strong partner for pharmaceutical and health and beauty companies

Outsourcing has reached a new level. Production partners not only take over manufacturing, packing and testing, but also cover increasingly complex supply chains. Famar Health Care Services, with headquarters in Paris, is among Europe’s leading pharmaceutical industry suppliers, producing pharmaceuticals and health and beauty products for leading brands in the industry. The group of companies, with eleven manufacturing sites in Europe, offers a broad range of possibilities and wins over its customers with high quality, reliability and a comprehensive service portfolio that offers added value throughout their manufacturing and supply chains.


Hand in hand with farmers

Offering farmers the most effective products and best-in-class services in order to make their lives easier and their crops grow is probably one of the foremost arguments to turn to an expert in crop production solutions that boasts global expertise. In the Czech Republic, Adama CZ s.r.o. is one of the top players when it comes to off-patent crop protection products, including a wide range of fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and seed treatment solutions. As a subsidiary of the global number one off-patent company, Adama CZ is close to farmers and understands their needs for efficient and simple products on the fields.