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Quiz about Strengths and Weaknesses

What do you know about strengths and weaknesses you are asked about during a job interview? Test your knowledge in our quiz. Good luck!

Forms of company legal entity in the UK: An overview

When dealing with companies in the UK, it is important yet challenging to understand the various forms of legal entity and their respective abbreviations. To help you, we have summarized the definitions of the most common ones.

A new job offer: Here‘s how to react correctly

The search for a new job entails numerous applications and interviews. As a result, you are usually very happy when a job offer lands on the door mat or in your mailbox. But what should you think about when you get a job offer? Despite the euphoria, you should carefully consider all the factors relating to the new job so that you can start your new role without any problems.

Which breed is best suited to being an office dog?

Many full-time workers who are away from home all day know the problem: What do I do with my dog? An increasingly popular solution is to take our four-legged friends to the office - providing our employer allows it of course. Not every dog, however, is suited to life in the office. If you are looking to get a dog, you should choose the breed very carefully. We are going to introduce you to a few breeds which, providing they are properly trained, are likely not only to behave well in the office but also to be happy with such a life.