i+R Industrie- und Gewerbebau GmbH

The high-tech energy advantage
Prestigious headquarters, a modern production facility, a high-tech research centre, or even a hotel – new premises are an expensive investment for any company. It is therefore vital that the design and development focuses not only on the appearance and functionality of the shell of the building, but also on the technology and energy mechanisms within the structure, which must be efficient, effective and economical in the long-term. i+R Industrie- & Gewerbebau GmbH in Austria specializes in industrial and commercial buildings which incorporate innovative and sustainable energy and technological installations.

Tourism & Leisure

Bergbahnen Brandnertal GmbH

Family resort for all seasons
Located in Vorarlberg, the westernmost province of Austria, Brandnertal is a picturesque valley surrounded by steep mountains, an enclosed valley at an altitude of 850 to 1,000 m. A tourist resort both in winter and summer, Brandnertal is well known for its family-friendly approach and the huge variety of facilities for children, families and nature lovers. Bergbahnen Brandnertal GmbH, the operator of the close-knit network of cable cars and lifts, is an integral part of the offer, providing easy access to the mountains, villages, sports and leisure facilities.

Trade & Consumer Goods

Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH

Our products are made to entertain you
Worldwide, Carrera is a synonym for high performance slot car racing tracks. Kids, fathers and grandfathers love to battle and to speed around their model cars. Carrera stands for motion, passion and thrills, and is the undisputed market leader in its field. The Stadlbauer Marketing + Vertrieb GmbH, based in Puch near Salzburg in Austria, is the home of the stylish racing cars and tracks. The company successfully bridges the gap between analogue and digital solutions. Managing Partner Andreas Stadlbauer believes in the peaceful coexistence of traditional and digital games.

European Business


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