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Business in France


Covering the complete chain

Sales of both new and used instruments, short and long-term rentals, a tailored buy-back program, and calibration, repair and maintenance services – even for products with discontinued manufacturer support: Leasametric SA covers the complete value chain in test and measurement instruments. The French high-tech company works together with all major manufacturers and has customers in a wide variety of challenging sectors.


Secured interconnectivity

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever before. In order to keep pace with the continued advancements in technology, NEOTION has developed a spectrum of media solutions, taking a proactive approach to guarantee the secure connectivity of its clients. Partnering with broadcasters, mobile and telecom operators, NEOTION ensures that both providers and end-users enjoy reliable, cost-effective and secure access to the digital TV services.


From insulation to insufflation

Technology has allowed mankind to advance to places previously believed impossible to reach. Among the amazing technologies that have grown common in the world, machines are by and large a chief contributor to progress. Isolfrance™ launched internationally in 2015, and has not looked back since. By specializing in the area of insulation (spraying, blowing, and insufflation), ISOL INTERNATIONAL has been able to emerge as the market leader within the sector in France, and a thought leader within the space globally. Through offering multiple products and product lines, ISOL INTERNATIONAL has created a recognized global standard.


Your partner for your building

Often costs of building projects go adrift – prices are too high and innovative solutions often turn out to be out of touch with reality. Then it is high time to call in an expert who has a strong grip on the entire building project and a close eye on all costs involved. Gleeds France, part of the global Gleeds group, has emerged as the leading independent property and cost management consultant. At its Paris headquarters, the company can fall back on an international team that knows the exact requirements of its customers in construction, property and related sectors.


A key link in the production chain

Modern production process chains are made up of multiple links all operating in concert. Manufacturers of semi-finished products or manufacturing service providers play a key role in this chain. One such company is ATS Laser SAS in France. It specializes in cutting, bending and welding metal semi-finished components and is the largest of three companies united under the aegis of Holding Tournié. It has 86 employees and generates an annual turnover of 15 million EUR. The cornerstone of the group, ATS Laser is now looking at developing its own product range.


Quality on the safe side

The benefits of outsourcing are becoming clear to a growing number of manufacturers in many branches of industry, first and foremost in the automotive sector. Along with recognized advantages such as reduced investments in infrastructure and resources, there are drawbacks, for example the need for more stringent quality controls. This is where AB Serve SAS in Woippy, France, comes in. The company has earned international recognition in the fields of containment, compliance, metrology and workflow logistics, and delivers corrective and preventive services to the industrial world.


Growing data on farming

When Emmanuel Vauqelin founded Latitude GPS in 1997, he turned his fascination for new technologies into his own entrepreneurial venture. He made sure that farmers receive accurate data for declarations in line with EU funding requirements under the Common Agricultural Policy, and also enabled the optimization of cultivation through the use of GPS. Today, he is a renowned specialist and innovation has become his trademark.


A special champagne for a special occasion

When it comes to choosing a champagne that stands out from the rest, Champagne Henriot SAS fits the bill perfectly, even in a uniquely exclusive field. Of the big-name houses in the Champagne wine-growing region, it is the smallest, known for the discreetness of its presence and the satisfyingly high quality of its champagnes. A family-owned winery in the eighth generation, it can trace its heritage back to 1808.


Perfecting the art of waste management

Waste disposal and recycling is probably one of the hottest topics of the 21st century. Most scientists agree that the survival of the planet depends on governments across the world taking extensive action in respect of pollution elimination, sustainability and the conservation of natural resources. A plethora of new legislation and an increase in social conscience has led large organizations and public sector authorities to take waste management and recycling extremely seriously. French engineering firm Ar-Val SAS is a specialist in the development of sorting, separation and recycling plants for materials of every genre.


Excellence in support: Partnering for success

No man is an island. No business is an island either; partnership and cooperation are essential characteristics, which are found in the DNA of every successful company. Groupe PASà-PAS-KPF in France takes the concept of partnership to a whole new level. The SAP specialist operates on a four-way model of partnership: with the SAP organization itself; across the PASàPAS-KPF group; with its own talented and committed staff; and, finally, with its clients, to bring them the ultimate SAP-based solutions and support for all their ERP and technology platform requirements.