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Business in France


A balanced approach to air control

This summer’s heatwave has challenged air-conditioning and ventilation systems to the limit. The high temperatures outside have sent people scurrying for the nearest air-conditioned space for relief – usually a shopping center or public building. But commercial and industrial premises have been feeling the strain of keeping climatic conditions at a bearable level, too. Ventilation and air control specialist F2A in France knows all about keeping cool with products and services designed to regulate air flow and acoustics in all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial interior spaces.


Outdoor concept made of wood

It is the only invisible fastening system for wooden terraces which has been certified by an independent body: the JuAn® clip. The ingenious development was made by Architecture du Bois – Terrasses Grad, the European number one in wooden terraces. The innovative company sets itself apart through its 360° concept, including everything from sustainable wood to railings, stairs and outdoor furniture to customized assembly solutions.


The reliable health partner

In 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen first discovered the x-ray to look into the human body indirectly from the outside. Before the advent of radiology, it was only upon a patient’s death that the internal organs could be studied. Doctors could only examine the outside of a body while the internal structures were mostly hidden. In its relatively brief history since Röntgen’s revolutionary discovery, radiology has come a long way and now occupies a pivotal position in health care. In the eastern suburbs of Paris, le Centre d’Imagerie Médicale du Galilée, a state-of-the-art radiology center, focuses on the health of its patients.


Advice you can bank on

One of the most dynamic sectors of corporate finance is mergers and acquisitions. Hundreds of companies change hands for a variety of different reasons each year with big and not-so-big transactions taking place around the world. DC Advisory advises and oversees around 200 such transactions each year. Of these, more than half involve cross-border expertise – something DC Advisory possesses in abundance.


Off the couch and into the gym

Anyone who cares about their health tries to incorporate exercise into their daily life. For some, this means simply taking the stairs instead of the lift, for others, it involves some kind of sport. Increasing numbers of people find a workout in the gym the most convenient solution. Johnson Health Tech France SAS supplies fitness equipment which challenges everyone from the reluctant couch potato to the honed fitness fanatic.


100% in just one hour

One reason for electromobility not gaining speed is due to the lack of a sufficient charging infrastructure. IES Synergy has taken up the challenge to change this. The French company has developed a state-of-the-art high-frequency technology which enables fast and reliable charging in any outside environment. IES has been pioneering electric charging solutions for 25 years and has become a global leader in this fast-evolving market. The main advantage of the company’s fast charging technology is its unrivaled easy-to-install, compact and economic solutions, facilitating the deployment of a 1-hour charging infrastructure anywhere on the streets.


Just the right team for innovative, value-adding hotel management

Flexibility, design and lifestyle are the hallmarks of the refurbishments carried out by Grape Hospitality from France, owner, operator and manager of 87 hotels in eight European countries and well over 9,000 rooms operated under a franchise contract. Jointly owned by Eurazeo, Accor Invest and the group management, Grape Hospitality has opened twelve new restaurants in the three years of its existence and raised the annual turnover from 200 to 250 million EUR. An impressive achievement by any standards. At the same time customer satisfaction has gone up from seven to a value of almost nine out of ten – another point to confirm the group’s successful and value-adding hotel management.


Making light of the mobile transition

Aluminium is widely regarded as the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to increase performance, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions while maintaining or even improving safety and durability in the automotive industry. Le Belier SA headquartered in Vérac, France specializes in cast aluminium safety-related parts with a worldwide market share of 45% in regard to aluminium braking systems. Through its foundry, machining and tool-making divisions the Group provides a fully-comprehensive service program ranging from the production of prototypes to machined parts ready for installation.


Software solutions for improved industrial performance

A critical success factor for all manufacturers is the optimization of production and operational processes. With digitalization gathering pace, this is becoming more important than ever, and no company wants to get left behind. Often, however, firms lack the necessary knowledge and experience in this area, and seek the support of specialists who are able to provide expert advice and innovative solutions. French company Courbon SAS from VINCI Energies is a leading software developer and service provider that supports manufacturers through digitalization and helps them to optimize their industrial performance.


Mail order the French way

Despite all the grim, Cassandra-like predictions about a dire future for mail ordering against the backdrop of increasing online sales, this special and traditional sales channel is still going as strong as ever. In France, one name in particular has been driving mail order business to new heights. Financière Trésor du Patrimoine SAS is a holding with a number of companies that focus exclusively on mail ordering and online trading, thereby offering a vast range of segments which include objets d’art, historical artefacts, coins and jewellery as well as women’s clothing, menswear, food and wine.