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Business in France


On the fast track in France

Any commuter could regale you about the trials and tribulations of traveling for work. As of July 2017, however, those traveling between Paris and Bordeaux have fewer complaints. In the summer, LISEA SAS opened the tracks for the operation of high-speed trains on the brand-new route connecting the French capital to the major wine metropolis. Six years in the making, the project, once Europe’s largest construction site, means a boost for the flourishing southwestern French town without losing sight of environmental factors.

Interview with Nicolas Fayon, Founder and CEO of Heek

Chatbots are the new web designers. Meet Heek!

Hello! I’m Heek. How can I help you? I would like to create my own website please. That’s easy as pie, just answer a few questions and your website is done. Heek the chatbot helps you create your own website from home. Nicolas Fayon, Founder and CEO of Heek explains European Business how it works and if chatbots will kill jobs in the service industry eventually.


Secured interconnectivity

Today, the world is more interconnected than ever before. In order to keep pace with the continued advancements in technology, NEOTION has developed a spectrum of media solutions, taking a proactive approach to guarantee the secure connectivity of its clients. Partnering with broadcasters, mobile and telecom operators, NEOTION ensures that both providers and end-users enjoy reliable, cost-effective and secure access to the digital TV services.


Your partner for your building

Often costs of building projects go adrift – prices are too high and innovative solutions often turn out to be out of touch with reality. Then it is high time to call in an expert who has a strong grip on the entire building project and a close eye on all costs involved. Gleeds France, part of the global Gleeds group, has emerged as the leading independent property and cost management consultant. At its Paris headquarters, the company can fall back on an international team that knows the exact requirements of its customers in construction, property and related sectors.


Oven excellence to feast your eyes on

They say you eat with your eyes. Well, thanks to La Cornue’s range of oven solutions for your home, you are able to cook with them too. France’s love affair with food is famous the world over and this passion for meal-time excellence has led to some fabulous creations on dinner tables around the globe. It also led to Albert Dupuy designing the first vaulted gas ovens back in 1908 and, 50 years ago, his son setting out on a mission to create the most beautiful oven ranges there are. Today, La Cornue is finding creative ways to provide masterpieces in your kitchen; so you can do exactly the same.


Making light of the mobile transition

Aluminium is widely regarded as the fastest, safest and most cost-effective way to increase performance, improve fuel economy and reduce emissions while maintaining or even improving safety and durability in the automotive industry. Le Belier SA headquartered in Vérac, France specializes in cast aluminium safety-related parts with a worldwide market share of 45% in regard to aluminium braking systems. Through its foundry, machining and tool-making divisions the Group provides a fully-comprehensive service program ranging from the production of prototypes to machined parts ready for installation.


Enticing epitomes of delicacies

It is a matter of fact that packaging is fundamental to a product’s success. Packaging boxes have multiple functions: They protect their contents, inform consumers, convey key brand values and messages, and ideally stand out in a shelf. Studies have shown that shoppers respond most positively to packaging design that looks particularly attractive and alluring. There are many reasons though why more and more French chocolatiers and patisseries are reling on Thibault Bergeron SAS in Muzillac in Brittany. The company develops and produces packaging solutions that are veritable and irresistible pieces of art.


Strength in numbers ensure patients come first

For most of Europe, the right to competent healthcare is a given, and doctors and other committed healthcare employees work tirelessly to meet the needs of their patients. Nevertheless, the reality is that money plays a key role, and for many organizations within the medical sector, cost is the overriding factor. Not so for SELAS BPR Analyses Spécialisées (BPR), a group of laboratories covering almost the whole of France, which places patients as human beings at the core of its services, and promises the best possible care, with decision-making processes that are independent of any financial concerns.


100% in just one hour

One reason for electromobility not gaining speed is due to the lack of a sufficient charging infrastructure. IES Synergy has taken up the challenge to change this. The French company has developed a state-of-the-art high-frequency technology which enables fast and reliable charging in any outside environment. IES has been pioneering electric charging solutions for 25 years and has become a global leader in this fast-evolving market. The main advantage of the company’s fast charging technology is its unrivaled easy-to-install, compact and economic solutions, facilitating the deployment of a 1-hour charging infrastructure anywhere on the streets.


For comfort and colour underfoot

There is nothing more luxurious underfoot than wall-to-wall carpet. Soft, quiet and attractive to look at, textile floor coverings offer a range of functional advantages including noise reduction, enhanced comfort and thermal insulation. They can also be manufactured in an endless variety of colours and patterns. French carpet manufacturer Balsan Moquette in Arthon designs and produces textile floor coverings that are positioned at the haute couture end of the market. With a history that can be traced back to 1751, the company is one of the most experienced industrial carpet manufacturers in the business with a worldwide customer base.