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Business in Italy


The spirit of the time

Wristwatches have become a standard accessory in most people’s wardrobes. Aside from the functional aspect, watches are also fashionable and reveal the wearer’s style, making it essential to find just the right timepiece for your wrist. Many people today even have more than one watch to have the perfect timepiece to complement each ensemble. Italjapan S.r.l. based in Milan is a wholesaler of exquisite watches that are both functional and fashionable. The family-owned and operated company supplies 90% of its range to Europe and beyond with the brands that keep everyone’s wrists in the spirit of the time.


Superior screening solutions

Materials need to be screened, sorted and refi ned in a multitude of industrial sectors, ranging from food and pharmaceuticals processing to mines and quarries. One of the leading European equipment suppliers in the sector is Cuccolini S.r.l. Recognized as a pioneer in vibrating sieve technology, the Italian company offers high-performance screening solutions that cover all applications down to the fi nest, micrometer separating requirements.


The future of robotics is here

Industry 4.0 is a buzz word in all producing industries. BM Group Holding S.p.A., based in Cimego, northern Italy, is one of the top suppliers of automation and robotic systems for the steel industry. Also, BM Group is one of the major EPC contractors in the renewable energy sector. Being at the forefront of technology, the company follows a stringent specialization strategy. Andrea Tonini, Co-Owner of the group, and Sales Director of its subsidiaries BM Automation and Polytec Srl, is positive that the company will be able to increase its international foot print in the coming years.


From liquid to solid

Many corporate Italian success stories are family businesses. This is also true for Pessina Costruzioni S.p.A., one of Italy’s foremost construction groups covering everything from new construction and restoration jobs to financing solutions and infrastructure projects. Over six decades, the company has developed into a solid player in the Italian building sector which is now increasingly looking abroad for additional growth. Its origins can be traced back even further and to a completely different activity: a mineral water supplier established in the 1930s.


A world of stunning glass

Glass is one of the raw materials that never lose their glamour. Even after long years of use it is still as stunningly brilliant as it was on its fi rst day. Murano glass in particular has taken on a special role in glass manufacturing for many centuries. With their dazzlingly delicate glass pieces, Murano glass chandeliers made by Vetreria Vistosi bring fun and charm to every interior. The company has found its way into the contemporary lighting market, and today Vetreria Vistosi Srl is one of the prominent names in glass light manufacturing. It works hard to maintain its leading position in the world of interior design the world over.


Always on the go

Mobile is the key to reaching audience – regardless if a company is focused on advertising or building a brand. Research clearly illustrates that reaching customers on the go is more important than ever. DigiTouch SpA from Milan is the Italian leader for digital advertisement.


A passion for IT solutions

This April FINCONS SpA, the Italian company of FINCONS GROUP, received the prestigious Pirelli Supplier Award 2015, which is given annually to selected suppliers for quality, level of service, sustainability and innovation. As the only Italian company selected from 12,000 Pirelli suppliers worldwide and the only one in the field of ICT, FINCONS GROUP has an excellent reference for its competence.


Masters of tissue converting

Converting fibrous substances into finished products is a demanding process. Roto-cart Spa in Piombino Dese, Italy, masters the entire manufacturing process. As a result the Italian enterprise has emerged as a leading tissue converter, whose products stand out in the Italian and international market for the accurate selection of raw materials and the state-of-theart technology they are made with. Roto-cart focuses on the premium market segment and offers top-quality pure cellulose products such as toilet paper, kitchen towels, multi-purpose paper rolls, napkins and tissues that feature high functional value and softness on the skin. Innovative achievements such as the new “Cartamela” paper made of pure cellulose with the addition of apple document the company’s aim to respond to customers’ wishes and contribute its own part to a better future.


Find the perfect kitchen

The figures alone are impressive: 80 different kitchen models, more than 800 different columns, base and wall units, as well as over 6,000 combinations of finishes and colours and a choice of some 700 handles. It seems that Arrex Le Cucine, one of the leading kitchen manufacturers in Italy and beyond, knows all there is to know about kitchens. The company’s production focuses on quality materials, immaculate production processes and stunning design features. In fact, Arrex really caters for all tastes and offers contemporary as well as traditional kitchens.


Radial piston power ‘made in Italy’

Worldwide, Italy is acknowledged for its know-how in drives and motors. Italgroup S.r.l., based in Gaggio di Piano, fully lives up to the high standard associated with ‘Made in Italy’ motors. The company is a premium name in radial piston hydraulic motors. Offering state-of-the-art solutions that are customized to its clients’ needs, the company is a demanded partner of different industries.