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Business in Italy


Tire solutions that never tire

About to celebrate its 60th anniversary, Italian firm Nuova CIBA S.p.A. has secured its place among the world market leaders as a major supplier in the rubber industry. From raw materials storage to transport, dosing and mixing, the company provides both semi and completely automated production line solutions for companies primarily in tire production as well as Rubber Technical Goods manufacturers and Custom Compounders. European Business spoke to Sales Director Cesare Viganò about the company’s ongoing success, long-term relations and its acquisition by the ZEPPELIN Group.


Engineering success in the oil and gas sector: Forain, an Italian company

Whether the need is for a simple pressure vessel or a complete plant, Forain Srl in Italy has the engineering expertise to tackle projects of any size. With more than 40 years of experience in providing engineering services for the oil and gas sector, the company has outgrown its Italian roots and operates today as an international player in a global market. Subsidiaries in Singapore, Myanmar and Turkey ensure that customers receive local support throughout the duration of their project while a fully equipped technical office at the company’s headquarters in Milan ensures customers getting the plant they want and need.


Family tradition and innovation

Hotels, restaurants, coffee shops: The hospitality business is dominated by huge big-name chains. While many smaller establishments are also successful, they nevertheless face serious challenges in competing with the large corporates. As hoteliers based in Canazei in the Italian Dolomites, the Nicolodi family recognized that while individuality is a positive attribute, there is also strength in numbers. The family founded Union Hotels Canazei, a group of local hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities owned by the family itself and other local business people, to create a strong and successful hospitality presence in the region.


Power – for today and tomorrow

Italy’s natural gas market is the third largest in Europe. Over recent years, the country has invested heavily in new infrastructure. At the same time, Italy is experiencing increasing demand for electricity generated from renewable sources. The Sime Group in Crema successfully operates in this competitive and challenging market. The energy provider considers diversification as one key to success.


Get the look and feel at home

World-famous architect Zaha Hadid once said, “Architecture is really about well-being. I think that people want to feel good in a space.” In this regard, furniture plays an important role as it basically defines the soul of a home. When entering a well-designed room, it just feels right. One can sense the cohesiveness of everything coming together perfectly. Furniture made by Mobilificio Santa Lucia s.p.a. definitely helps you to feel at home – even when in a hotel.


Only the best for cats and dogs

Good nutrition and high-quality ingredients for cat and dog food were the prerequisites for Baldassare Monge when he set up Monge & C. S.p.a. in 1963. Mr. Monge was the first to produce wet pet food in Italy and has always done things differently from most competitors in the pet food market. A move that has paid off, as today Monge is the leading name for cat and dog food in Italy, ranking among the top ten in Europe and taking 27th position worldwide. Monge produces healthy and tasty cat and dog food for the global market, serving customers in more than 90 countries.


Intelligent furniture: Office projects for the 21st century

Thanks to the digital revolution, working methods have never changed so dramatically and so quickly as during the first two decades of the 21st century. The working environment to support these changes is struggling to keep pace, but one Italian company has been combining office furniture and fittings with the latest technology for almost 70 years, and is therefore well placed to meet the needs of the digital age. Headquartered in Milan, Tecno S.p.A. is renowned worldwide for its stylish yet innovative interior architecture. The company works together with some of the most respected architects and designers to create attractive workspaces which also support the technological demands of today and tomorrow.


Enjoy shopping at the airport

Recent years have seen a steep surge in traveller numbers, and statistics show this development is likely to continue. At the same time, travel retail has experienced equally strong growth as mirrored by the development of Dufrital S.p.a., a subsidiary of the leading global travel retailer, the Dufry Group. Today, travel retailing is even outperforming sales on the local high street. It seems that shopping while travelling has turned into an unmatched experience.


Come on! It is cashmere!

To many it is the epitome of luxury – cashmere. The elegant fabric is soft and tender, extremely warm and light, rare and simply second to none. Due to its geographical location and extreme weather conditions, cashmere from Mongolia is considered to be the finest in the world. Malo SpA produces precious cashmere knitwear from this exclusive fabric. Its products reflect a rigorous attention to quality and tradition and the passion for beautiful products.


A culture of service in printed circuit boards

Cooperation with customers in design, development and production of printed circuit boards rather than mass commodities, tailor-made solutions instead of catalogue supplies – that is what Eleprint Srl is all about. The PCB specialist from Montevecchia is a member of the globally operating Elemaster Group, a leader in high-tech electronic equipment. From double-sided circuits to circuits with up to 28 layers, Eleprint masters all PCB types and is able to handle all materials.